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Sandra Anderson was going to spend that night in her friend, Behany’s house. She was in Michigan, after she escaped from her terrible husband, Josh. Her mother, Mrs. Anderson had warned her daughter back in time against Josh, but she didn’t listened, as she was young and dumb.

Even though her mother was at the same town with Bethany, she didn’t had the courage to talk with her. Sadly, on the morning, she received a phone call from the hospital, that her mother was hospitalized after a heart attack.

Sandra immediately took her daughter, Ava, and rushed outside without taking any money or her purse with her.

It was snowing outside, and she was at the bus stop near her friend’s house. She tried to talk with some uber drives and some taxi drivers, but none of them had accepted her. When the bus arrived, she jumped in, and as she walked to back of the bus, the driver stopped her. “Excuse me, ma’am. You forgot to pay your fare!”


“Oh, sorry, just give me a minute,” Sandra said, as she tried to find her purse. But she didn’t picked her purse with her.

As she was checking her pockets, the driver said, “Could you please hurry? The roads are slick, and I can’t drive fast because it’s snowing.”

“I’m sorry, but I left my purse at home.” Sandra said.

Then the driver raised his voice, “Sorry, I can’t allow you then. GET DOWN FROM THE BUS!”

“No, please!” Sandra said. “I have a baby with me, and it’s freezing. Plus, my mother has been hospitalized. I promise that once I get to the hospital, I’ll have someone pay you.”

“Nice try, lady, but many people have made up stories like that and gotten away with not paying the fare. I’m not a fool!” Driver said.

“I will pay for her fare. Please don’t tell them to leave.” A voice said, while Sandra was leaving the bus.

“Please come in, ma’am. I will pay for the fare.” A boy who was wearing shabby dress said.

“Thank you, child,” Sandra said, “By the way, what’s your name?”

“I’m Nicholas!” The boy said. “You know you don’t need to thank me. My mother says that if you have the means to help someone, you should always do so!”

“Your mom is right, Nicholas,” Sandra said. “Why are you traveling by yourself?”

“Oh, I’m on my way back from my grandmother’s house,” Nicholas said. “She was sick, so mom told me to give her medicine. Looks like my stop is here, so I’ll get off now. Goodbye!”

“Wait for a second, Nicholas!” Sandra stopped the boy. “Can you please give me your address? I want to meet your mom and thank her.”

“Sure!” Nicholas said, and gave his adress. When the next day came, Sandra went to Nicholas’ adress. The house was a small, two-room cottage.

As she knocked the door, Nicholas opened the door. “Oh, it’s you! Someone came to meet you, Mom!”

He called his mother.

Then Sandra saw this frail woman. She was not old, but probably the rough conditions of their lives had made her look older than her age.

She later learned that the father of Nicholas had abandoned them after his wife became pregnant with Nicholas.

She wanted to help them, so she created a GoFundMe page for theö, and raised money for the family, with the help of her friend, Bethany, who was a social media influencer with millions of followers.

In just three days, the page received $1 million in donations. The lives of Nicholas and his mother had changed incredibly, thanks to Sandra.

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