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Prince William shocked by Harry’s comments about Kate Middleton.

The monarch, royal experts endlessly repeat, is almost ready to accept his disgraced son back into the family. But how soon this will happen, and whether it will happen at all, now largely depends on Prince William. He, unlike his father, cannot forgive his brother for unflattering statements about his family. And especially, as it turned out, for what Harry said about Kate Middleton.

In one episode of the documentary, the Duke of Sussex said that in the royal family, men marry those who fit the mold, but Harry is the exception to the rule. He connected his life with the one with whom he was destined to be. The stone, of course, flew into the garden of William and Kate – even those who have recently been following the troubles in the royal family could not interpret Harry’s statement in any other way.

A Daily Mail insider said that the future monarch was shocked by his brother’s words. And although William has not taken Harry’s actions seriously for a long time, this one offended him to the core. The Prince considers this comment one of the lowest. “In addition to all the other breaches of trust, here Harry committed a blatant attack on Kate,” the whistleblower said.

It is noteworthy that neither Karl, nor William, nor even other family members watched the series or read Harry’s memoirs, “The Spare One.” They were informed about the key points by Buckingham Palace staff. It’s for the better.


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