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Subscribers of 53-year-old Naomi Campbell are delighted with her physical form: photo.

In the fall of 2023, the series “Supermodels” was released, in which matured catwalk stars starred. Then the public realized that Naomi Campbell was the only one who managed to catch time by the tail. At 53, the model looks no less impressive than during the years of stunning popularity. And all because, fans believe, Naomi still cares about her appearance – she carefully selects outfits for social parties, and is also actively involved in sports.

The day before, the star shared on Instagram* a series of pictures from a yoga studio, in which she sits and lies in different asanas. The comments drew attention not only to Naomi’s impressive stretch, but also to Naomi’s sculpted muscles. “God, those legs! Very beautiful,” one follower noted. “Queen! You still look like you’re 30,” another added. “She was and still is a goddess,” said another. A longtime fan recalled that the model once recorded her workouts on video and asked her to resume the sports section on her personal blog. This kind of content after the New Year holidays really comes in handy.


There was also a follower who indicated that Naomi was now also a parent, twice. But we remind you that the children were born to the star from a surrogate mother. The first child was born when Naomi turned 50. And in June she unexpectedly announced that another baby had appeared in her family .

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