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Doctors remove life support as family says farewell to newborn, but then he starts breathing

Life is unpredictable. The truth is that we are never aware of the obstacles and challenges that can get on our way, but what we should never forget is that we must never stop fighting and believing that things would eventually get a turn for the better.

Chelsea Hough couldn’t wait to meet her baby. Her pregnancy was a normal one, and just as she reached 36 weeks, she gave birth to a baby boy whom they named Karson Jax Hough.

During the first moments of his life, Karson resembled a perfectly healthy baby, but then, all of a sudden, his heart beats slowed down and his heart stopped. Doctors tried skin to skin contact with his mother and that’s when his heart started beating again, but that didn’t last long. The sweet bundle of joy was in need of a ventilator to help his heart work and to facilitate his breathing.


“The only way to describe what has happened is that this beautiful baby boy has suffered two very rare conditions that are completely unrelated to one another. One being unidentifiable as to a cause,” Karson’s Nana, Lisa Hough, wrote. What doctors suspected was that sweet Karson suffered from a hemorrhage in his left temporal lobe, as well as nonketotic hyperglycinemia (NKH), a rare genetic disorder which causes accumulation of glycine in the body’s tissues and fluids.

According to the doctors, the chances of survival were slim. After some time, they advised the family to switch Karson off life support.
They considered that carefully, and decided it would be for the best to do what doctors advised. As they united in prayer, they were told they would only have around 10 minutes with Karson before he passes away.

Once the ventilator was turned off, the sweet baby suddenly started breathing on his own. The doctors were stunned and dubbed it a miracle.

“Today, we witnessed a miracle!!” Lisa Hough wrote. “We were given 10 minutes after withdrawing intensive care and the ventilator and told he would not breath on his own and to expect his heart to stop within those 10 minutes… Well God and Karson had other plans!

“I’m not sure why I ever thought we were so undeserving of a miracle.. and I’m not sure how long we have with him, but we have him now. And now we will take,” Lisa said.
Once home, Karson thrived. His weight is healthy and his heart rates are stable. The Glycine levels in his body have dropped dramatically and he’s beating the odds each and every day.
We wish this beautiful baby a happy and healthy life ahead of him.

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