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When Mick Jagger finally loses it, he breaks the bad news.

Home Health When Mick Jagger finally loses it, he breaks the bad news.

After the untimely death of his partner, Mick Jagger expressed a different side of himself in a statement.

The Rolling Stones’ members experienced loss, depression, and grief in the midst of their stardom. Following his breakup with L’Wren Scott, Jagger displayed a new side of himself.

The artist’s poignant remark from years ago resurface when she headlines the British Summer Time performance in Hyde Park.


The Rolling Stones were performing in Australia as part of their 2014 tour when L’Wren Scott passed suddenly. It was immediately postponed when Jagger made the decision to return to New York, where he shared an apartment with the late model and fashion designer.

Soon after the confirmation, he made an uncommon message on his website to openly convey his sadness.

“I’ve never been able to fathom how my dearest and closest friend could take her own life in such a dreadful way. We were able to build ourselves a decent life and spend a lot of pleasant years together. She had a commanding presence, and her ability truly captured my attention, he remarked.

However, the pair apparently split up just before Scott killed himself. She was also referred to as Jagger’s “ex-lover” by a law enforcement source.

The statements were later addressed by Jagger’s management, who stated that the pair was still together at the time of her demise.
L’Wren Scott: what happened to her?

Brittany Penebre, Scott’s assistant, was requested to meet her at her duplex on West 24th Street and 11th Avenue at 10:00 a.m. in 2014. At 8:30 a.m., Scott contacted Penebre.
She was, however, dangling from the apartment’s L-shaped door handle when the assistant arrived. She had a scarf over her neck as well. It was a “painless” way to die, a law enforcement source claimed.

Drugs and ill will were ruled out, but Scott did not leave a suicide note.

Later, Julie Bolcer from the office of the chief medical examiner in New York City confirmed that the deceased committed suicide.

Prior to her passing, it was discovered that her London-based firm, LS Fashion Ltd., was heavily in debt. It had a loss of $5.9 million in 2012 after having one of $4.2 million in 2011.

Her untimely cancellation of her London Fashion Week display because of “production issues in the big show and couture pieces” happened to fall on the same day as her passing. However, a second source disclosed that the reason for the delay was actually her failing company.

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