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Tom Hanks’ Son Reveals Why He’s Not Happy With How He Was Raised

Chet Hanks, son of Hollywood legends Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, pulled no punches when sharing insights into his life in the limelight.

In a YouTube exposé released on February 15, the 31-year-old opened up about the intricacies of being raised in the shadow of two celebrated actors. While acknowledging that he was “blessed” to have parents he loves, Chet framed the experience as a “double-edged sword.”

Sure, there are perks, but let’s be real, it gets pretty strange,” he remarked. “I’ve had the chance to do some incredible stuff that many people can only dream of – jet-setting around the world, enjoying luxurious hotels, and flying on private planes. I’m grateful for that. My situation is something I wouldn’t alter.”


Yet, he also delved into the darker side of fame, emphasizing the corrosive nature of society’s fixation on celebrity. Chet stressed that his situation was even more complex, considering he wasn’t famous himself but merely the offspring of famed individuals. This, he claimed, led to undeserved contempt.

Reflecting on his school years, Chet pinpointed a challenging transition. After spending his early education in the same environment, things took a turn for the worse in high school and college, where judgments were swift, preconceived, and unyielding.

“People formed opinions about me before getting to know me, making it incredibly tough to break down their walls,” shared the actor from Empire, revealing how this experience prompted the development of a “chip” on his shoulder and a “hard exterior.” According to him, the challenges weren’t upfront but manifested as whispers and gossip behind his back.

In a moment of self-reflection, Chet disclosed that it took considerable time for him to grasp that “people’s perception of you is only a reflection of themselves.” His narrative then shifted towards positive change, asserting that he had altered his life trajectory, steering clear of the once prevalent “self-destructive” tendencies marked by anger and excessive partying.

Addressing recent controversies surrounding his views on the COVID-19 vaccine, Chet dispelled the notion that his tough exterior was solely rooted in anger. He confessed that it also stemmed from feelings of “shame” and “insecurity” associated with his upbringing in a “privileged” household.

Closing out with a promise of unfiltered revelations about his Hollywood journey, Chet assured his audience that more truth-telling was on the horizon, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next chapter of his uncensored narrative.

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