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Man Claiming to Be King Charles & Queen Camilla’s Son Speaks Out on DNA Test

An Australian’s quest for royal recognition takes a dramatic turn, with a plan to compare DNA with a royal family member at the center. Amidst a backdrop of controversy and compassion, the tale unfolds with global eyes watching.

In a revelation that has captivated global attention, Simon Charles Dorante-Day, a Queensland, Australia resident, has come forward with a claim that could shake the foundations of the British Royal Family. Asserting his lineage as the son of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, Simon’s story takes an unprecedented turn with his intention to compare his DNA with that of Prince Harry.

This bold move aims to establish his purported royal patrilineage. His story and decision to take this route have sparked debates on his eligibility for the throne on social media.


Elvianna Dorante-Day, Simon’s wife, shared, “We got advice from a really good, really trusted source that we should approach Harry and make a connection there and ask for DNA.” The couple believes that Prince Harry may be sympathetic to their quest for truth.

“It’s definitely something I’m going to do. I’ve long been a supporter of Harry and Meghan, I think it’s disgraceful the way they’ve been treated by the royal family,” Simon expressed, highlighting his stance and the anticipated approach toward seeking validation amidst familial complexities.

The timing of Simon’s claims is particularly poignant, coming to light just hours after the public learned of King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis. Despite the controversy swirling around his claims, Simon has expressed a sentiment of goodwill towards the ailing monarch. “If he wants a helping hand, I’m more than happy to step in. But he’s got to tell the truth first,” Simon remarked.

The royal family has yet to respond, leaving the public and media to speculate on the implications of Simon’s assertions. Should DNA evidence support his claims, the narrative surrounding the royal succession could be fundamentally altered.

Public reaction has been mixed, with some dismissing Simon’s aspirations of royalty as far-fetched, while others see a possibility for a historic revelation. Comments ranged from skepticism — “After seeing him saying he and his wife will be [the] next King and Queen, it’s now become ridiculous. He will never be King because he is the illegitimate child.” — to support — “Let’s get Justice, King Simon.”

Others expressed anticipation, “I can’t wait to see the day the truth is revealed and the whole world will know you are his son,” and encouragement, “Good luck, I wish you every success with the DNA. What wonderful news.” Someone even noted the contrast with other royal traditions, “In other European countries that would be acceptable to become the next King.”

In a social media statement last December, Simon revealed attempts to illegitimately acquire his DNA, adding another layer of intrigue to his narrative.

“Both of these incidents have been reported to the appropriate authorities for further investigation […] So, for those who think that approaching me, or trying to obtain DNA in a deceptive manner would be a good idea, be aware that you are endangering your own well-being. 👮,” he cautioned.

As the public and media continue to scrutinize his every move, the question remains: Could Simon disrupt the royal lineage, or is his claim another footnote in the annals of speculative royal family history? Only time, and perhaps DNA, will tell.

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