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Three days prior to the wedding, he abandoned her, yet she still showed up at the altar.

According to the Daily Mirror, Shaun, a guy Carly Akers, 30, of Kent, has known for nine years and with whom she shares two children, was to be married.

Shaun, however, called off the wedding three days in advance. Carly went to her own wedding despite her grief because she had promised her girls, who were 2 and 6, respectively, that they would be bridesmaids. In the presence of relatives and friends, the girls led their mother to the altar while she threw the bouquet.


Shaun disputes Carly’s allegations that he cheated on her. Shaun called off the wedding after learning that the British lady was the one who had cheated on him a few years prior; however, the woman strongly denied this.

The bride said, “A woman’s wedding day ought to be the most lovely day of her life. She was the most depressing to me.

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