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Texas Wife’s Viral Post Encourages Others To Take BITE While Packing Husband’s Lunch As An Act Of ‘Love’

A Texas wife shared a photo of her husband’s sandwich after she had prepared it for his lunch and helped herself to a bite. With the woman explaining her reason for doing it, the post went viral, encouraging others to do the same. But, while many praised her, a few others weren’t so convinced.

Tracy Howell, a Texas wife, garnered a lot of attention when she decided to share a photo of the sandwich she had made for her husband’s lunch. The otherwise unremarkable meal featured a big, missing bite that the woman had taken before bagging it up, which quickly made others curious. This wasn’t a first for Tracy, though, who admitted she takes a bite out of her husband’s sandwich every day for many years.

Luckily, Tracy revealed the reason she decided to take a taste of her husband Clifford’s sandwich before packing it in his work lunchbox every day. In doing so, she inadvertently encouraged others to do the same as the post went viral with thousands praising the wife and saying the couple has a “role model marriage.”


Tracy Howell posted this image of her husband’s lunch, explaining why she took a bite out of his sandwich before packing it in his lunchbox. (Photo Credit: Facebook)
“Clifford and I have been married almost 41 years and I have made his lunch every working day since day 1,” Tracy wrote alongside the photo of her husband’s partially eaten lunch as she posted the image to Facebook. Explaining that she often takes a bite out of Clifford’s sandwich after making it but before putting it away, Tracy revealed the symbolism behind the gesture and how the tradition began.

“On occasion, I would join him on the job site and have lunch with him,” Tracy recalled. “He made the comment once that lunch tasted better when you share it with someone you love,” she continued. That statement stuck with Tracy and prompted a reaction when she was faced with packing Clifford’s lunch for a day she knew she wouldn’t be joining him.

“Soon after that, while fixing his sandwich one night, I took a bite out of it before putting it away,” Tracy explained admitting that she helped herself to a nibble of Clifford’s sandwich, knowing she wouldn’t be able to enjoy lunch with her husband while packing his meal for work. Initially, Clifford was confused but since this was before the age of cellphones, he had to wait until he got home to ask his beloved bride about it.

When Clifford got home, “he commented that someone took a bite out of his sandwich,” Tracy recalled. “I told him that since I couldn’t join him for lunch, I took a bite so he knew I was joining him,” she added, explaining that she takes a bite out of his sandwich to symbolize “having lunch together,” even when he’s away at work and they can’t physically enjoy the meal together.

When Tracy Howell knew she wouldn’t be enjoying lunch with her husband Clifford (pictured), she started a tradition that would last decades. (Photo Credit: Facebook)
“I continue to do this frequently (unless it’s tuna or pimento cheese) and he still says, ‘saw you joined me for lunch today and it sure was good,’” Tracy concluded, revealing that the gesture is appreciated by her husband.

After reading the adorable reason why the wife of 41 years takes a bite out of her husband’s sandwich before packing it for his work lunch, the sweet post quickly went viral. People from all over the world have praised the devoted wife, according to Daily Mail, praising the couple’s long-lasting relationship and “role model marriage.”

“That is so sweet. I just love this,” one such woman wrote, commenting on the heartwarming gesture, while another added, “I can see how your love has stayed strong for 41 years, happy anniversary.”

Of course, as the post was shared across social media, there was the random nay-sayer who said they wouldn’t be thrilled to find someone had shared their food. The vast majority, however, loved the idea with some even saying they do something similar for their children so that their kids feel like they are always having lunch with their parents.

It all comes down to knowing your spouse and their love language — something Clifford and Tracy Howell have seemingly mastered after the man asked for her hand in marriage on their very first date, Tracy revealed in a follow-up post. She also shared some great advice for others who hope to strengthen their own bond over the years.

“The only thought that comes to my mind when I fix his lunch and ‘take a bite of his sandwich’ is how much I love him,” Tracy wrote, explaining that both she and Clifford have made it a priority to express their love to one another, never leaving the other to just “assume” they are loved. Admitting that they “probably tell each other a dozen times a day that we love each other,” Tracy added that it has become “as natural to us as brushing your teeth.”

The devoted wife finished by giving praise where she thinks it is due. “I give all glory to God for putting us together almost 41 years ago and giving us the patience to find the good, and learn to talk it out instead of throwing in the towel when times got hard,” Tracy wrote. “I guess when Cliff asked me to marry him on our first date that him and God knew we were meant to be.”

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