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I Saw a Strange Note in My Husband’s Planner and Followed Him into the Woods

I thought my husband, Curtis, was into birds; turns out his hobby was something else. After discovering a shady planner entry, I shadowed him into the woods, and boom, caught him red-handed and realized a truth more twisted than any birdwatching secret.

It’s always the person you love the most who has the power to hurt you, especially because you never see it coming. In hindsight, you realize all the signs that something might not be right in your relationship. But while it’s happening, you just never know unless you’re expecting it.

My husband, Curtis, and I had been together for what felt like forever—12 whole years. We were those love-at-first-sight types you read about in books, meeting in our 20s and just clicking. Fast forward, and we’ve got these adorable twin girls, 10 years old, and life was pretty sweet.

I’m a teacher, and Curtis is an office manager. Meanwhile, we’re both into our special hobbies. Mine was knitting—yeah, I’m that person who knits everything from scarves to little dolls for the girls. Curtis? He had this peculiar hobby: birdwatching. But not just any birds, he was all about birds of prey or so I thought.


One time, I suggested going to a falconry show or competition together, but Curtis didn’t like the idea. He also shut it down when I asked to go with him on his birdwatching expeditions.

“It’s too dangerous. I want you safe,” he said and sounded considerate, so I accepted. But one day, I stumbled upon his planner. Now, this planner wasn’t for your usual schedule stuff; it was for tracking his bird sightings. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I took a peek inside.

One entry said, “34-28-34.” “Black and red. A 10…”

My brain went, “Wait, what?” Was that some kind of short-hand for birdwatchers? But I Googled those numbers and came up with nothing. What could it possibly be? That’s when I saw something else in my online search… about measurements.

Right then, I decided that the next time he went, I would tail him. So, there I was, on a random Sunday, sneaking after him into the woods. My heart was pounding, thinking of all the dangerous wildlife that could hurt me.

The real danger was all the mosquitoes that tried to eat me up, but I kept my mouth shut and continued following him. And then, bam! I saw him, but there were no birds, just him and another woman… kissing.

My stomach dropped. It felt like I was watching a movie, except it was my life, and I was not enjoying the plot twist. I remembered her from a work party picture on his Facebook — she was his coworker. I couldn’t place her name, though.

I went back home before they noticed me and considered what to do. Maybe I was stupid, but I didn’t want to give Curtis the satisfaction of leaving him so he could enjoy his new “bird.” My feelings were swinging between anger and heartbreak as I debated what to do.

A few days later, I snooped into his planner again and noticed a new entry, which was different than the one before. It said, “36-24-36. Blonde. An 8…” This time, heartbreak won. The realization hit me like a truck. My husband wasn’t just cheating; he was on a whole other level.

I followed him again to that new meeting — this time prepared with mosquito repellent — and there she was: another woman. I asked myself many things as I returned home. How many were there? Should I get revenge? How? What would hurt him more?

Finally, I realized killing myself fighting Curtis wasn’t worth it. I had enough proof to have a favorable divorce, so I called a lawyer as soon as I got home. We started the process immediately, but I still kept quiet. I was acting like nothing was wrong for my girls’ sake.

But my soon-to-be ex-husband had the audacity to arrange a whole new meeting with a third woman the following weekend. I prepared everything behind his back and got my girls settled with my parents. Somehow, he didn’t notice.

I was ready when I followed him again that Sunday. As soon as he started making out with this stranger, I stepped out. I didn’t think I would be so angry, but my feelings finally poured out. “How could you?” I asked and accused him of everything.

To her credit, even the strange woman was shocked by my words. Curtis tried to make excuses, but when I was done unloading all my rage on him, I slapped the divorce papers into his chest.

“Good luck in court,” I said and walked away.

Everything went my way after that. I got the house, most of our money, and the majority custody of our girls. It was a harsh moment in my life, but I’m glad I discovered his cheating before I lived one more second with someone who could betray me so thoroughly.

What would you have done in my place?

Here’s another story for you: When my son called me in a panic about hearing his mom crying and unknown voices laughing in our house, I raced home fearing the worst. But nothing could’ve prepared me for what was going on in my bedroom.

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