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She Grew Up Through 13 Divorces Yet Still Became An Inspirational Star

Hollywood couples are known for finding themselves in trouble. Many of us will start wondering how long the marriage is going to last while they are still standing at the altar.

It isn’t the fact that they are different than anyone else, it’s just that there is a lot of pressure placed on them because of being in the public eye. This isn’t something that is new, it has been happening for as long as Hollywood celebrities have been around.

Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh are a Hollywood couple from the 1960s who tried to do their best to stick it out despite difficult times. The unfortunate reality for them is that they got a divorce.

Tony Curtis was known for being a very talented and flamboyant individual. Many celebrities could learn a thing or two from him when it comes to being a superstar with a lot of charm.


He also had to work with a number of women while he was a star in Hollywood, and that led to being married multiple times. Unfortunately, many of them would fail but when he got married to Leigh, it was something special.

Not only were they together as husband and wife, they also starred in five different movies with each other. She had already been known as an actress when she met Tony in the 1950s. She was beautiful and she knew how to act.

When she met Tony, she actually had more popularity than he did. Some of the movies she had appeared in include The Romance of Rosy Ridge and Little Women. Tony had not yet had his breakthrough role.

It wasn’t long before they were in love and they were soon married. They were hoping that things would last forever but it began to go downhill quickly.

When Kelly, their first child was born they had already realize that their marriage was on the rocks. That is when they decided to have Jamie Lee Curtis, a baby that was supposed to save their marriage. She even described herself as a “save the marriage baby.”

Jamie said: “By the time I came along… my parents’ bond had deteriorated precipitously as their stardom grew. And like any other save-the-marriage baby, I failed.” Tony filed for divorce in 1962 and the family was split up at that point.

Leigh was popular among her costars in her friends. She was a heavy hitter in Hollywood, even before she met and married Tony. Howard Hughes is also someone that was interested in her, but it wasn’t mutual.

Interestingly, Tony was offered $10,000 by Universal to marry Piper Laurie but he was already in love with Leigh and would often follow her to her film sets.

It was a surprise to many people when he proposed to her in 1951 and she said yes. They had a small, yet beautiful wedding that was focused on their feelings for each other.

They seem like the perfect couple but they struggled in the background. He had even become jealous of her relationship with other men and her success. Before long, he had substance abuse problems and allegedly had affairs with other actresses, including Natalie Wood and Gloria DeHaven.

Not long after, Tony spoke of their relationship as being functional and unromantic. Prior to the time that he died of congestive heart failure in 2010, he had married a number of other women.

Jamie Lee Curtis refers to herself as being a product of 13 divorces. She said that when her parents split, it had an impact on her and she struggled to believe in true love.

Jamie and her sister struggled to get by in a home that was full of negative feelings. She also learned a lot from her parent’s lives, which wasn’t as healthy as it should be.

On one occasion, she shared a picture of herself with her parents and wrote: “I was born to famous parents. My birth and subsequent growing up was documented for public consumption. My parent’s fame and beauty preceded me. The comparing. The measuring up. Everywhere I went. Everything I did.”

Despite the difficulties, she has done quite well. Knowing this about her is an inspiration for anyone who has gone through difficult times

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