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Woman Shows Off After Having 43 Surgeries To Look Like Barbie, Some Say She Looks Like A ‘Zombie’

In a jaw-dropping transformation, Baghdad-born Dalia Naeem, 29, has unveiled her ‘new face’ after undergoing a staggering 43 cosmetic procedures to emulate the iconic Barbie doll, earning her the nickname ‘Iraqi Barbie’ for her striking resemblance.

Dalia’s shocking metamorphosis reportedly came with a hefty price tag, with thousands spent on various cosmetic enhancements to achieve the iconic Barbie look. Her transformation has sparked a mix of reactions, with critics dubbing her ‘Zombie’ and ‘Devil Barbie,’ while others find themselves captivated by the dramatic changes.

The presenter and actress took to social media to reveal her latest look in a video that has sent shockwaves across platforms. With over 996,000 followers on Instagram and a significant 43,900 on TikTok, Dalia has become a sensation, drawing both admiration and critique for her doll-like appearance.


In the video, Dalia stands alongside her makeup artist, who showers her with compliments, declaring, ‘You look so beautiful, my dear. Like Barbie.’ Dalia, with her petite nose, oversized pouty lips, and bushy eyebrows, attributes her Barbie-esque appearance to the makeup artist’s skill, playfully responding, ‘Your makeup is Barbie.’

Recent months have witnessed Dalia undergoing a series of cosmetic procedures, including lip fillers and breast enlargement surgery, marking a continued commitment to her Barbie transformation. This social media star’s journey has not only left a visible impact but has also stirred conversations about beauty standards and the influence of social media in shaping unconventional transformations.

Beyond her dramatic appearance, Dalia is a celebrated presenter and actress, earning acclaim for her roles in plays and TV shows in her homeland. Currently residing in Baghdad’s Adhamiyah district, her story transcends geographical boundaries, becoming a cultural phenomenon that challenges traditional norms.

As the ‘Iraqi Barbie,’ Dalia navigates both praise and criticism, embodying the evolving landscape of beauty standards in a world driven by self-expression and individuality. In a digital age where unique transformations capture attention, Dalia Naeem has carved out a distinctive space for herself, captivating a global audience with her unapologetic pursuit of the Barbie aesthetic.

As her online presence continues to surge, Dalia’s journey stands as a testament to the power of personal expression, sparking conversations about identity, beauty, and the impact of social media on shaping perceptions. Whether lauded as a symbol of bold self-expression or critiqued for conforming to unconventional standards, Dalia’s ‘new face’ narrative unfolds in a way that keeps the world hooked and questioning the boundaries of beauty in the modern age.

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