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Queen Camilla had attended to the annual Commonwealth Day Service of Celebration at Westminster Abbey, where she wore her blue outfit with black shoes and black gloves. The event was stating the 75th anniversary of the Commonwealth.

Camilla had attended to the Commonwealth Day Service with Prince William, the Princess Royal, and the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh.

Queen Camilla’s appearance with her blue outfit had caused a debate where many people shared their comments. “Is Camilla pregnant? And before anyone tries to be smart the oldest pregnant lady was 74 years old.”


“I wish you all health” “I think queen Camilla looked lovely in that shade.” Were some other comments.

Also, Queen Camilla also had her Barbie doll, where a different blue outfit she was wearing, and the doll was the 50 years younger version of Queen Camilla. The Barbie doll was presented for International Women’s Day celebration, where it was the tribute for Queen Camilla, as she is the president of the Women of the World Foundation.

In a different occasion, Queen Camilla was seen at Cheltenham, where she had attended to the races. As King Charles was absent, due to his treatment against cancer, Queen Camilla filled his place at Cheltenham Racecourse.

As Queen Camilla is an honorary member of the Jockey Club, she was a regular at the Cheltenham festival. In the royal box, Queen Camilla’s children, Princess Eugenie and Lady Sarah Keswick, alongside the Princess Royal was present.

As Queen Camilla is attending to many royal duties in the absence of King Charles, many royal fan asked her to take a break. Camilla had represent King Charles in the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey, on the 11th of March.

“She deserves a break. She may need to spend more time with Charles,” “Camilla deserves a break,” “I hope Charles and Camilla have a lovely break planned,” “Can’t stop thinking is Charles’s cancer more serious than we were told!” “I would assume that the king has got way worse cancer than they say,” were some comments about Queen Camilla.

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