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Just weeks after his challenging divorce, 44-year-old Jason Momoa is reportedly “pleading” for a date with a famous star.

Recent reports from RadarOnline suggest that Momoa might be setting his sights on one of the most famous Hollywood stars.

He certainly hasn’t been wasting any time since his divorce.

Keep reading to see, who he set his eyes on… And you better sit down!

It looks like the Game of Thrones star has set his sights on Demi Moore. The two are said to have crossed paths at a recent event in Hollywood, with Momoa quite taken with the actress.


Fans are likely aware that Jason Momoa, aged 44, recently finalized his divorce from Lisa Bonet, his wife of four years. Their relationship spanned 12 years, but they have now gone their separate ways, opening the door to new romantic pursuits.

According to reports from RadarOnline, this development has potentially drawn Momoa towards Demi Moore, the former spouse of Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher. Moore, aged 61, shares three children with Willis. It was noted last year that she provided significant support to Bruce during his struggle with dementia.

Although Moore is currently single, it seems she isn’t making it easy for Momoa to capture her interest. Reports suggest that the two celebrities were seen together at a screening of the documentary Common Ground on January 18, shortly after Momoa and Bonet filed for divorce.

An insider shared with the National Enquirer: “Following their conversation, Jason managed to obtain her number through a mutual acquaintance. He’s been quite expressive, showering her with compliments, and texting her messages like wishing her a day as beautiful as she is.”

“It’s super cheesy, but Demi’s loving it.”

Furthermore, according to the same report, Momoa is actively trying to progress their relationship by asking Moore out on a date.

“He’s been pleading with her for a chance to go out with him, even reaching out to acquaintances who are close to her, hoping they’ll speak highly of him,” the insider revealed.

The source also added, “The prospect of dating Demi is a significant fantasy for Jason. He believes they would complement each other well and feels Demi could offer him valuable insights.”

After parting ways with Bonet, Momoa said farewell to the home they once shared and opted for life on the road in a van.

This unexpected lifestyle change has raised eyebrows, but Momoa openly shares glimpses of his “van life” on social media, embracing the simplicity and eco-conscious aspects of his new dwelling.

What do you think of Momoa and Moore potentially dating? Let us know thoughts in the comments.

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