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Mother refuses to let homeless son and his kids stay with her – years later she comes back begging

Three years ago, in 2020, many of us encountered significant changes as we adapted to the new reality post-COVID-19. Juggling homeschooling and hybrid work setups led to heightened stress levels for many.

For instance, one couple faced hardship in 2020 when the wife left her job to homeschool their three children, resulting in a loss of income. Previously, they relied on their combined earnings to cover essentials like rent and bills. However, when the wife quit to care for their kids, they couldn’t afford housing. They sought temporary shelter with the husband’s mother while sorting out their finances.

How did they end up homeless? Initially, the mother agreed to let them stay in two rooms, but rescinded the offer upon learning they’d been evicted. Homeless, the couple struggled to find shelters accommodating families like theirs amidst the pandemic fallout.

For four months, they lived in their van until securing a spot in a shelter. However, the mother-in-law’s aloofness strained relations with the couple.


Feeling resentful, the couple was dismayed by the mother-in-law’s refusal to assist during their crisis. The husband’s sister added to their discomfort, rebuffing their requests to use her shower.

“We were treated as if we were undesirables,” the wife lamented, hurt by her sister-in-law’s disdain despite their dire circumstances.

Nevertheless, the couple remained determined to provide a better life for their children. They eventually built a new home from scratch, secured regular employment, and started a business to bolster their income, aiming to prevent future homelessness. Their achievements, without family assistance, filled them with pride.

However, karma intervened when the mother-in-law, facing her own crisis, sought refuge with the couple.

The mother-in-law’s plea
Struggling with reduced work hours and no retirement benefits, the mother-in-law faced eviction from her home.

Desperate, she asked to stay with the couple, but they refused, citing her previous abandonment of them. Their decision sparked tension within the family, but the couple stood firm, suggesting a nursing home instead.

While some deemed their response harsh, many online supported their stance, believing the sister-in-law should care for their mother.

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