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Entitled Mom Demands That I Obey Her Teen Son’s Wishes – Flight Attendant Teaches Them a Proper Lesson

On a long flight, Haley clashes with a teen and his entitled mom over a window shade. A sharp flight attendant intervenes, offering a surprising solution that leaves them speechless.

I buckled my seatbelt, ready for the long flight from New York to London. I love reading, so I brought a stack of books, hoping for a quiet trip across the Atlantic. Next to me, a teenage boy was watching a TV series on his tablet. Even though he wore headphones, I could still hear the noise.

His mom sat in the aisle seat, acting as if the plane was her living room. She had her hair sprayed stiff and gave me a sharp look as she sorted through her many handbags.

We didn’t talk much at first. I tried to focus on my book, but the sound from the boy’s show kept distracting me. It was full of loud battle scenes and laughter. I asked him nicely to turn it down.


He just nodded and said, “Okay,” but didn’t lower the volume at all. His mom just flipped through a magazine, not caring that her son was bothering others. The flight had just started, and I already knew finding peace would be tough.

As the night stretched on, the airplane cabin grew quieter, except for the noise coming from the teen’s tablet. It seemed like his headphones were just for show because the sound of car chases and dramatic music filled the air. I tried to read my book, but it was tough with all that racket.

I leaned over and asked him again, a bit louder this time, “Could you please turn it down?” He glanced up, paused his show, and gave me a weak smile. “Sure, sorry about that,” he said, but as soon as I settled back, the volume went right back up. His mom didn’t even look up from her magazine.

Then came the battle of the window shade. I was enjoying the night sky, but the teen suddenly reached over without a word and yanked the shade down. I waited a moment, then pulled it back up, needing the dim light to read. He sighed loudly, stretched his arm out, and slammed it down again.

His mom finally chimed in. “He’s trying to sleep, can’t you see? Just leave it down.”

I replied, trying to keep my cool, “I’d like to read my book, so I need it up.”

As dawn approached, the window shade became a silent battleground. Every time I pulled it up to enjoy the early morning light, the teen yanked it down without a word. This game of tug-of-war went on for a while. His mom watched from the sidelines, her frown deepening each time I reached for the shade.

Finally, she snapped. “Enough! He needs his sleep!” Her voice was sharp, slicing through the quiet cabin. I looked around, other passengers peeking over their seats, curious about the commotion.

“I need to read,” I explained, keeping my voice calm. “And I prefer the window open.”

Her lips thinned into a tight line. “You’re being incredibly selfish!” she hissed.

The tension spiked, and she pressed the call button with a forceful jab. A moment later, the flight attendant arrived, her expression unreadable.

“What seems to be the problem here?” she asked, her tone even.

The mother was quick to complain. “This woman won’t let my son sleep. She keeps opening the window shade on purpose!”

I explained my side, showing her my book. “I just want to read, and I need a little light.”

The flight attendant listened, nodding slightly. Then, with a thoughtful look, she turned to me and winked subtly. “I might have a solution for you both.”

She leaned closer, her voice a low murmur. “We have an empty seat in business class. It’s yours if you’d like—more peace, and another window.”

The offer took me by surprise, but the look on the mother and son’s faces was priceless—mouths agape, eyes wide. It was as if she had offered to move me to another planet, not just the front of the plane.

Gratefully, I accepted, gathering my books. As I moved to my new, luxurious seat, the flight attendant didn’t stop there. “And for you,” she turned back to the teen and his mom, “since there’s now a free seat here, we need to fill it.”

She returned shortly with a new passenger—a very large man who immediately assessed the cramped situation. “Would it be alright if I take the aisle seat?” he asked politely. His voice was gentle, but it carried an undertone of necessity due to his size. The mother, squeezed between her son and what would have been an uncomfortable flight, reluctantly nodded.

As I settled into the spacious business class seat, I couldn’t help but glance back. The man, now comfortably seated in the aisle, began to doze off, his snores growing louder with each minute. The teen and his mom seemed squeezed tighter than ever, their faces a mixture of shock and discomfort.

Thanks to the flight attendant’s quick thinking, my journey turned into a peaceful escape. Meanwhile, the mother and son had to adjust to their new reality, likely ruminating over their earlier actions. The man beside them snored blissfully unaware.

As the flight continued, I luxuriated in the unexpected comfort of business class. The flight attendant stopped by with a glass of champagne, and I accepted it with a smile, the bubbles tickling my nose as I settled back into my seat. The quiet hum of the cabin and the soft clink of glasses created a soothing ambiance that was worlds away from the tension of my previous seat.

Turning the pages of my book, I occasionally glanced out of the large, clear window next to me, enjoying both the view and the serene environment. The rest of the flight passed in a delightful blur of relaxation, punctuated by thoughtful service from the flight crew.

Our eyes met briefly, and I couldn’t help but offer a polite, slightly mischievous smile. The mother’s eyes narrowed as she quickly looked away, pulling her son by the arm to move faster in the line.

During Our Flight Woman Constantly Insulted the Aircraft Personnel and Passengers – She Ran Out of Plane in Tears
A mean stranger on a flight had everyone on edge, from her fellow passengers to the flight attendants! She kept ruffling feathers, mistreating people, and taking liberties as she wished! However, little did she know that we weren’t going to stand by and allow her to bully us!

Hi all, Miranda here. I have a story to share with you about a stranger who misbehaved on a flight thinking she could get away with it. But me and my fellow passengers put her in her place!

See, I’ve been traveling quite a lot lately, but my most recent flight has to have been the craziest! I generally tend to book rows six or seven when I can because they aren’t too expensive. The other thing I like about the rows is that they’re close enough to the front to make them convenient.

Today, while walking through the congested aisles of the plane, I settled into what I believed was my assigned seat, 7D. On my way out, I was in 7F, and in my mind, I believed 7D was my return seat.

Mistakes happen, especially when you’re a frequent flyer like me who can’t seem to keep track of seat assignments. It was a minor hiccup — or so I thought until she arrived.

As the woman approached to claim my row, she believed she had the aisle seat. Without noticing that I was in the wrong row, I told her, “No, that’s my seat,” and politely stood up to let her in.

However, I eventually realized when the row became congested that I had misread my ticket. But the correction was met with unexpected vehemence.

“YOU ARE THAT STUPID THAT YOU CHOSE the wrong seat!” she screamed, her face contorted with irritation.

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