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Husband Betrays Wife With Secretary, Then Faces Instant Retribution

Shirley’s world came crashing down when she caught her husband, Brody, in a compromising position with another woman at his workplace. Following his threats to divorce her and seize everything, Shirley found herself destitute and heartbroken. Yet, unexpectedly, someone new came into her life, turning everything around.

In shock, Shirley witnessed her husband, Brody, shamelessly engaging with his secretary, Lila, at their shared office. Her hands shook, causing her to drop the items she was holding, yet they seemed oblivious to her presence.

“Brody, what is this?” Shirley demanded, her voice slicing through the office quiet.

Brody dismissed her concerns with a wave, “What’s the problem, Shirley? We’re merely discussing work.”


“This is a work discussion?” Shirley’s tone was steeped in disbelief. “With your hands where they shouldn’t be? In front of everyone?”

“Don’t create a scene,” Brody cautioned, but Shirley stood firm.

“We need to talk. Alone. Now!” she insisted.

Brody’s demeanor hardened. “You can’t dictate what I do. I’m filing for divorce today and taking the house.”

“You can’t take my house. It belonged to my parents. You have no rights to it!”

Brody grinned maliciously. “Have you forgotten that you’ve been married to a lawyer for seven years? Watch me. I’ll have Lila moved in, and we’ll make every room ours.”

Reeling from shock and sorrow, Shirley struggled to respond as Brody pressed his wedding ring into the cake she had brought to celebrate with him.

“Perhaps you can pawn this for a dog house,” he taunted, exiting with Lila.

Surrounded by pitying murmurs, Shirley found herself dazed. Later, alone in a modest hotel room, tears flowed as she contemplated her crumbling relationship.

How had the man she vowed to be with forever turned into a stranger? Was it her fault for letting herself go? Had she driven Brody to Lila?

Emotionally overwhelmed, she struck a pillow, hoping to vent some anger, when a knock at her door startled her. Expecting hotel staff, she was surprised to see a stranger instead.

“I thought I heard a cry for help,” the man hesitated.

“You heard wrong. Unless you can stop my husband from divorcing me and taking my home, please leave,” she responded sharply, her tone brittle.

The man was momentarily taken aback by her harshness. Assessing her from head to toe, he remarked, “I can’t help with that. But now I see why he’s divorcing you.” He then turned and left.

Fuelled by anger, Shirley followed him to his room, refusing to let his comment go unchallenged. “What did you just say to me?” she demanded, blocking his door.

The man attempted to clarify, “I was concerned about the noise.”

“I know exactly what you meant!” Shirley countered. “I may not look perfect, but you have no right to judge me.”

The man nodded, showing some regret, “You’re right. You don’t deserve that.”

Stunned by his acknowledgment, Shirley felt the fight drain from her, but before she could respond, he shut the door firmly, ending the conversation.

“Wait! I wasn’t done talking!” she yelled, kicking the door and hurting her foot in the process.

The next morning, still limping, Shirley dreaded the arrival of Mr. Williams, her new boss, as she headed to work.

“Great, just what I need when I’m already a mess,” she muttered, settling into her seat.

“Your new boss is already here,” a familiar voice announced from behind her. Shirley turned, shocked to find the stranger from the hotel—Mr. Williams, her new boss!

Flustered, she tried to apologize for the previous night, but Mr. Williams cut her off.

“Your behavior was unacceptable. I expect better from my employees,” he stated sternly. “Now, I need the Richardson vs. Richardson case file. Immediately,” he demanded, striding towards his office.

Embarrassed, Shirley fetched the requested file amid a disorganized stack of folders, accidentally knocking some to the floor, which caught Mr. Williams’s critical eye again.

“What’s taking so long? I asked for the case file, not for you to scatter it all over,” he remarked, approaching.

“I have it here,” Shirley replied, her cheeks burning with humiliation as she handed over the file.

Mr. Williams took the file, his gaze sweeping over the cluttered area. “Seems like tidiness isn’t your strong suit,” he noted dryly before walking away, leaving Shirley to clean up the mess.

As she was tidying, Brody and Lila passed by, laughing, deepening her humiliation. Shirley decided she had endured enough of men’s ridicule and condescension.

She stormed into Mr. Williams’s office, declaring, “I’m not your secretary anymore. I resign.”

Unfazed, Mr. Williams refused to accept her resignation. “Get back to work on the Richardson case, Shirley.”

“No. I’m leaving. Sign my resignation,” Shirley persisted, her voice determined.

“I won’t sign this,” Mr. Williams responded, crumpling her resignation letter and tossing it out the window.

Frustrated and overwhelmed, Shirley sat at his desk, trying to write another resignation letter but broke down. “I can’t take it anymore,” she sobbed. “Why do men like you think you can control my life?”

Mr. Williams softened as he listened. “I’m not refusing to accept your resignation because I want to bully you,” he explained, sitting beside her.

“Just let me go,” she pleaded, her eyes meeting his. “I can’t—”

Shirley paused as Mr. Williams took out a handkerchief and gently wiped her tears.

“I can’t let you go because I like you, Shirley,” Mr. Williams confessed, his sincerity surprising her.

“But you don’t even know me, Mr. Williams,” she countered, puzzled by his feelings.

“Nathan. Call me Nathan. And while I might not know you fully, I admire your spirit and strength,” he said, hoping to close the distance between them.

Shirley was torn, haunted by Brody’s past manipulations, which made her doubt Nathan’s intentions. Was this just another setup for more pain?

Shirley needed time to think and left Nathan’s office quickly.

The next day, she arrived at work to find Nathan waiting with two coffees, offering her one with a smile meant to lift her spirits.

But Nathan’s gesture was overshadowed by Brody and Lila’s ostentatious display of affection as they arrived, prompting Shirley to seek refuge in the bathroom.

Confused, Nathan spoke to another secretary who explained Brody was Shirley’s husband.

“He’s flaunting their affair right in front of his wife,” the secretary disclosed.

Shocked, Nathan wanted to confront Brody but restrained himself, adhering to his principles.

Later, Shirley returned to Nathan’s office with files for the Richardson case. As she set them down, Nathan asked her to stay a moment to help organize the case arguments.

Shirley hesitated, then agreed, curious about what he needed.

Nathan smiled. “I’m trying to frame our argument more compellingly. I thought you could give me a fresh perspective.”

Working closely on the case, Shirley and Nathan’s initial tension gave way to a growing mutual respect and understanding. Their discussions flowed smoothly, and Shirley discovered Nathan’s love for jazz.

“You’re into jazz?” she inquired, intrigued.

“Yes, there’s a lot you don’t know about me. Jazz is just the start,” Nathan shared, smiling.

Their bond deepened, and Shirley found herself increasingly attracted to Nathan, though she remained cautious, mindful of her recent heartbreak.

One evening, Nathan visited her hotel room, needing help with a crucial aspect of their case. “I need your input to express my feelings more effectively in the opening statement,” he admitted, looking earnestly into her eyes.

Shirley felt a twinge of disappointment, fearing she was merely a means to an end for Nathan’s career goals. Nevertheless, she agreed to help, concealing her hurt.

As they collaborated, an accidental touch led to a moment of unexpected intimacy.

“Chocolate,” he murmured, noticing a smudge on her lip, his touch sending a wave of warmth through her.

“You’re here for the speech, right?” Shirley asked, striving to maintain focus.

“No, Shirley. I’m here for you,” Nathan confessed, his voice laden with emotion. “I can’t stop thinking about you despite everything.”

Shirley’s defenses fell as Nathan voiced his genuine feelings. Just as they were about to embrace, a knock interrupted them.

“What do you want, Brody?” Shirley demanded, finding her inebriated husband at the door.

“Please, Shirley. I just…I need comfort,” he slurred, reaching for her clumsily. “I’ve missed you so much, baby. Williams fired me.”

“Don’t. Touch. Me,” she hissed, pushing him away. Brody persisted, but Shirley threatened to press harassment charges.

She fled outside, the snow enveloping her, and saw Nathan getting into his car. “Can we just go back inside and talk, Nathan?” she pleaded, tapping on his window. “Please?”

“No.” Nathan hung his head. “I should’ve known this, you and me, was too good to be true.”

Shirley’s frustration boiled over. “How dare you believe his stupid lie about me begging him to come back? You can’t expect me to fight for you if you don’t do the same for me. Say something!”

Nathan was silent for a moment, then stepped out and faced her. “I wish I’d met you seven years ago and protected you from all the bad you had to endure alone.”

Shirley caught her breath as Nathan approached and gently cupped her face, his touch making her shiver.

“I…I want to make you happy,” he said, looking deeply into her eyes.

“You already do,” Shirley replied.

Their kiss marked the beginning of something new and passionate.

“I’ll also sue Brody. He won’t get away with what he’s done to you,” Nathan promised.

For the first time, Shirley believed her life could improve after Brody’s damage. And she knew Nathan was her true love.

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