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I discovered a hidden list my husband kept of 15 women employees, with a ‘+’ sign marked beside 11 of their names

When I found a secretive notebook in my husband’s study, it seemed to hint at grave misdeeds! I confided in a close friend, determined to confront him over what appeared to be evidence of betrayal. However, I soon learned I had completely misinterpreted the situation.

My husband, a dedicated entrepreneur, manages a company with a sizable staff. His work often requires him to stay late at the office, which was also the case on the evening in question as he was prepping for a pivotal conference the next day.

This conference was crucial for him, and he had been absorbed in planning for several weeks. With Todd away, I decided to undertake a thorough cleaning of our home, ending with his office on the second floor.

As I tidied and dusted his office, I opted to organize the clutter in his desk drawer. Amidst the clutter, I found a notebook I hadn’t noticed before.


Driven by curiosity, I opened it and began to look through it. My heart stopped when I found a page listing fifteen female names.

Beside eleven of these names were plus signs, some even multiple. My pulse quickened as I realized I recognized these names. I quickly called my friend Lisa, who also worked at Todd’s company. “Hey Lee, are these names familiar?” I read out the names.

“Yes, all of them are our colleagues,” Lisa responded, her tone laden with concern. My mind raced as she confirmed their identities. I told her where I had found the notebook. “I’ve seen that notebook in his office. What about it?” Suddenly, everything seemed to add up. Todd had been more distant, and our relationship had cooled.

I jumped to the conclusion that he was having affairs with these women. The pluses, I presumed, marked the frequency of these betrayals. Feeling my world collapsing around me, I hastily left for Lisa’s apartment.

There, overwhelmed with grief, I broke down. Lisa comforted me, offering wine and a sympathetic ear. As the wine flowed, our emotions intensified.

“He’s betrayed me,” I cried. “Why would he do this? Lisa, what do I do? This is unreal.” As we drank more, Lisa’s expression hardened. “Men are so deceitful,” she said, staring daggers at the list.

“We have to act. He can’t get away with this,” I declared, fueled by wine and despair. “Revenge is necessary!” I exclaimed, raising my fist.

Our inebriated state led us to concoct absurd revenge plans. “Let’s fill his office with balloons,” I joked. “Or maybe itching powder in his suit,” Lisa suggested, her eyes sparkling mischievously.

As our speech slurred, I blurted out, “Maybe we should slash his tires?”

“Why?” asked Lisa. “I don’t know!” I laughed, but then Lisa had a sudden inspiration. “His big conference is tomorrow, right? Let’s expose him there, in front of everyone.”

Imagining his humiliation motivated me. “I’m all in,” I said as we plotted in our drunken haze. The next morning, despite feeling hungover, I was resolute to carry out our plan.

I made my way to his office and straight to the conference venue. The hall was abuzz as people networked. Todd was on stage, confidently speaking to the crowd.

As the room filled, I approached the stage, my heart pounding. Seizing the microphone from an astonished Todd, I ignored his pleas and turned to the audience.

“How could you betray me and these women? How could you?” I demanded, the room falling silent. Todd attempted to interject, but I continued, holding up the notebook.

“Here are names of female employees at his company, with eleven marked by pluses, indicating his infidelities!” The crowd gasped, shocked by my declaration.

Todd regained the microphone, his demeanor calm. “Let’s clarify this misunderstanding,” he said, showing the notebook’s contents, which included similar lists of male employees.

“These are records of loans repaid to the company,” he explained. “The plus signs indicate repayment. And no, I did not have inappropriate relations with these individuals.”

The audience laughed, lightening the atmosphere, as I stood mortified. Realizing my mistake, I fled, humiliated.

Later, we discussed the incident at home. “Why didn’t you trust me?” Todd asked gently. My tears flowed as I admitted my fears about his distance and perceived indifference.

“I love you, Tina. I’m working hard for our future,” he reassured me, promising more transparency and communication.

In the weeks that followed, we worked to rebuild trust. We had deep conversations and Todd made efforts to balance work and home life better.

As we sat watching the sunset one evening, I reflected on the ordeal. “I regret my actions, but I’m thankful we’re resolving this. I love you,” I said.

Todd smiled warmly. “I love you too, Tina.”

“We’ll emerge stronger from this,” I concluded, appreciating our renewed commitment and the lessons learned about trust and communication in relationships.

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