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My Long-Distance Boyfriend Visited Me and Tricked Me into Paying Our Restaurant Bills — I Taught Him a Great Lesson

James and Ashley had been in a long-distance relationship for nearly a year. When he came to New York, he always chose expensive restaurants for their dinner dates, conveniently finding reasons for her to foot the bill. On her birthday, after yet another excuse, Ashley realized it was time to teach him a lesson. And, oh, what a lesson it was!

Hey everyone! Isn’t being in a long-distance relationship wonderful? You get to have deep emotional connections, engaging conversations, and endless dreams about future possibilities. That’s what I believed when I met James.

We felt an instant connection during a study abroad program in Paris. Incredible chemistry, right?

Fast forward a year, enduring the distance – me in New York and him in London – was tough, but we stayed connected through texts, video calls, and virtual dates.


It wasn’t always smooth, surviving on memes and missing those spontaneous hugs (or maybe that was my wishful thinking).

But seeing his charming smile light up my screen every night made it all worthwhile. So, when James said he would be visiting New York, I was thrilled! I mean, finally, we’d be seeing each other face-to-face. No more laggy video calls or late-night “WYD?” texts!

I counted down the days, meticulously planning our outings (think museums, rooftop bars, the perfect slice of pizza), and even chose the perfect outfit that said, “Wow, girl, you look amazing!” Excitement and butterflies filled me.

As the day approached, I could barely sleep, too busy imagining everything we’d experience together – catching up, exploring the city, maybe even… you know!

When the day finally arrived, my heart was practically doing flips. I spotted James coming through the arrivals gate at the airport, looking just as handsome as I remembered.

I rushed to him, and when we hugged, it felt like the distance never existed.

We spent the day exploring the city, catching up on all the little details that get lost in video calls—those funny quirks you start to forget your best friend even has! Our first stop was Central Park, and James was blown away.

“This city is incredible,” he exclaimed, snapping photos like a pro. “Seriously amazing. I’ve missed being here with you and exploring every hidden corner.”

“Me too,” I said, leaning into him. “There’s so much I want to show you!”

As evening approached, James suggested a surprise plan. “How about we go somewhere really special tonight?” he proposed, eyes twinkling. “To celebrate us finally being together?”

I was overjoyed! We ended up at an upscale restaurant that exuded elegance. Everything was perfect—the ambiance, the food, the company.

“This place is amazing, James. You have excellent taste,” I marveled, glancing around in awe.

“I wanted to make tonight special for you, Ash,” he replied with warmth. (To be honest, this guy was pure charm. Totally boyfriend material, or so I thought.)

When the bill arrived, though, James fumbled with his wallet.

“Ashley, I hate to ask, but I don’t have any US dollars on me, and my card’s acting up again. Can you cover this? I promise I’ll pay you back first thing tomorrow.”

At first, I didn’t think much of it. I was just happy he was here with me.

“Sure, no problem,” I said with a smile. “I’d cover the Eiffel Tower for you if it meant spending more time with you.” (Okay, maybe a bit dramatic, but you get the idea?)

We toasted to his visit, unaware that this “temporary glitch” would escalate into a full-blown credit card crisis.

Covering James’s bill once didn’t bother me. But then it happened again. And again.

Each time we went out, he chose the most expensive places and came up with a new excuse: his card was blocked, he couldn’t contact his bank, he forgot to exchange currency.

I began to feel less like a supportive girlfriend and more like an ATM. Duh.

One evening, we were at a chic rooftop bar with a breathtaking view of the city. As we sipped our cocktails, James sighed dramatically.

“I can’t believe my card still isn’t working. This is so frustrating.”

“Have you called your bank?” I asked, trying to stay light-hearted. (But seriously, aren’t international calls expensive? Was he even trying?)

“I’ve tried, but the time difference makes it difficult. I’ll sort it out soon, I promise,” he assured me.

By the end of the week, I had spent a small fortune on dining out. I didn’t mind treating him occasionally, but this was becoming absurd. Every time the bill arrived, my stomach tightened a bit more.

One night, after we left another fancy restaurant, I couldn’t hold back any longer. “James, what’s going on with your card? It’s been several days,” I asked.

He gave me that charming smile again. “I’m really sorry, Ash. It’s just bad timing with the bank and the time zones. I promise I’ll sort it out.”

I sighed, feeling a knot in my chest. “Alright, but this can’t continue happening.”

He nodded, looking genuinely apologetic. “I know, and I appreciate your understanding. It’ll be fixed soon.”

Little did I know, things were about to take an unexpected turn. (Spoiler alert: it involved a bill that could rival the national debt!)

My birthday arrived, and James insisted on taking me to an exclusive restaurant downtown. “I’m going to spoil you rotten tonight!” he promised, winking like a cheesy rom-com star. (In hindsight, maybe that wink should’ve been a red flag.)

I dressed in my best outfit, excited for a memorable evening.

The restaurant was stunning—crystal chandeliers that sparkled like stars, live music that gave me chills, and a menu straight out of a fantasy novel, not my bank account. Seriously, some dishes cost more than a week’s worth of takeout!

“This place is amazing,” I said, wide-eyed with wonder. (Perhaps a bit too wide, considering the upcoming bill.)

“Only the best for you, birthday girl,” James replied, holding my hand across the table. His smile could’ve melted glaciers, but perhaps that was just the strategic twinkle lights.

We had an incredible meal, the kind that makes you forget your worries (including the ever-growing bill).

As the night came to a close, James leaned in with a big smile, “Happy Birthday, Ashley. Tonight is all about you.”

I felt so special, like I was floating on a cloud. The night was perfect. But when the bill arrived, I noticed James shifting in his seat, his smile faltering for a brief moment.

He reached for his wallet with a pained look.

“Ashley, I’m so embarrassed, but my government has frozen my account. There’s been a mix-up, and I need to sort it out with the embassy. Can you cover this? I’ll pay you back as soon as I can access my funds.”

My heart sank. On my birthday, no less. But this time, I had had enough.

This elaborate story about a frozen account? Seriously? I had seen him swipe a different card just fine at a fancy watch store the day before.

The guy was smoother than a greased eel, but not slick enough to outsmart me this time.

With a calm smile, I said, “Oh, James, I completely understand. These international banking issues can be such a hassle. But you know what? I have a solution that’ll save us both a trip to the embassy.” (Emphasis on ‘both’ because, darling, this little charade was over.)

I called the waiter over and whispered something in his ear. The waiter’s eyes widened slightly, then he nodded and walked away with a hint of a smirk. Maybe he wasn’t the only one who saw through James’s act.

James looked relieved, a bit too quickly. “Thanks, Ashley. You’re a lifesaver.”

I sipped my drink, my smile unwavering. “Don’t mention it. Birthdays are all about celebrating the people you love, right?”

Right, but apparently love doesn’t come with a price tag. That’s when I decided it was time to teach this sly fox a lesson he wouldn’t forget.

As the waiter walked away, I turned to James with a calm smile. “James, there’s something I need to tell you.”

He looked confused. I leaned in, my eyes sparkling with mischief.

“I paid for my portion of the bill,” I said. “But since you’re experiencing financial turmoil, the waiter agreed to let you work off your dinner. They’re offering a complimentary shift in the kitchen to cover your half. They’re expecting you now to wash the dishes, ‘Chef James!’”

James’s face turned pale. “But Ashley, I—”

I held up my hand, a steely glint in my eyes. “No more excuses, James. This act has gone on long enough.”

His jaw clenched, and he looked around helplessly, like a lost puppy caught in a con.

I stood up, exuding calm confidence. “I’m truly sorry you can’t join me for the rest of my birthday celebration with friends. But I hope this little dishwashing detour gives you plenty of time to reflect on your recent… creative accounting methods.”

I gathered my things, feeling a mix of satisfaction and disappointment. James sat there, his face etched with anger and embarrassment—a fitting look for someone who just got busted trying to freeload on his girlfriend’s birthday dinner.

As I walked out, I glanced back one last time. “Enjoy your evening, James,” I said, my voice tinged with finality. “Because this party is over!”

It was a tough lesson, but one he needed to learn. Our long-distance relationship didn’t survive, but the story of how I turned the tables on my “financially troubled” ex became a favorite tale among friends, a reminder never to underestimate the power of quick thinking and well-timed justice.

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