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Tourists Thought They Were Approaching A Flock Of Grazing Sheep, Had No Idea How Wrong They Were

In the vastness of Wrangel Island, a part of the Arctic, over 200 bears appeared as if they were a group of grazing sheep. Both amazed tourists and brave researchers witnessed this captivating sight from the Akademik Shokalskiy, a peaceful vessel sailing along the edges of this Russian controlled island nestled in the Arctic Ocean.

The impressive gathering of these Arctic creatures was due to the attraction of a giant a whales carcass that released its strong scent into the air.

These powerful bears, known as giants in both icy and tundra landscapes arrived at this location on or before September 19th. Stayed until they had completely devoured the remains of the whale. This lasted for one or two days.

Captain Rodney Russ, a captain from Heritage Expeditions and the respected leader of this expedition considered this sighting unforgettable. It became a memory etched into their minds with unwavering clarity. “One of those days ” he reflected, “that my fellow companions and I will always remember.”


“As we followed along the curving lines of the coastline ” Captain Russ recalled fondly “we spotted a ‘group’ or ‘congregation’of polar bears. It was, like a tapestry woven into the fabric of the shoreline.”Next, to the shore we discovered the remains of a bowhead whale, a creature that had passed away. As we looked around we counted over 150 bears of ages, genders and sizes. Some were busy enjoying their feast while others had satisfied their hunger. It was clear that they were all drawn to the resting place of the cetacean. With a desire for closeness and a hint of bravery we sent out Zodiacs to get a glimpse into this gathering.. What unfolded before our eyes was beyond words—a spectacle. We managed to capture one photograph as an attempt to encapsulate this journey and share it with the world—a glimpse into an enigmatic adventure.

According to The Siberian Times, which chronicles events it is estimated that there are at 230 bears in this area—a population comparable to grazing sheep according to amazed tourists accounts.

Nestled between the Chukchi Sea and East Siberian Sea lies Wrangel Island—an expanse covering 2,900 acres and serving as a sanctuary for bears. This island boasts the concentration of bear dens known to mankind. Around 400 mother bears choose this arctic haven as their nurturing ground, during winters.
With the arrival of summer a wave of these creatures has made its way, to the shores of Wrangel Island. This unfolding story is closely connected to the diminishing domain, in the expanses.

Known as the “Galapagos of the North ” Wrangel Island is a reminder of an era when woolly mammoths roamed these lands. It stands as a living relic showcasing the resilience of life and the intricate web that unfolds in the Arctics embrace.

Sources: Men’s Journal

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