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Our thoughts and prayers are with Willie Nelson during this difficult times

Willie Nelson is widely recognized as one of the foremost living performers in the country music genre, and the impact he and his family have had on the field continues to inspire a new generation of country music artists.

At the age of 89, Willie Nelson is still actively touring the United States with the Nelson Family band, demonstrating his enduring vitality and passion for music.

Recently, he made a revelation to the public, sharing that earlier this year, he faced a concerning health issue that he had kept private until now.

In May of the previous year, while on tour, Willie Nelson had announced that a member of the Willie Nelson Family Band had tested positive for COVID-19, leading to the cancellation of their headline performance at Jazz Fest.


What came as a surprise was Willie’s recent admission that he had been the anonymous band member in question. At the time, he was 89 years old and was sleeping on his tour bus when he woke up in the middle of the night with breathing difficulties. A rapid PCR test confirmed he had contracted the COVID-19 virus, heightening concerns due to his age.

“On the bus, I had a nebulizer for my asthma, and I immediately began various treatments, including Paxlovid and steroids,” shared Willie Nelson’s wife, Anne, with the media.

Upon returning to their Spicewood, Texas home, they transformed it into a makeshift medical facility to closely monitor Willie Nelson’s recovery.

“We turned our home into a medical facility, and there were moments when I had my doubts about his recovery,” she recounted.

Willie Nelson resumed touring two weeks after the COVID-19 scare, with performances in New Braunfels, Texas. It took him six days to fully recuperate from the virus’s effects.

“It was a challenging ordeal for me. COVID is a serious matter, and there’s no underestimating its impact,” Willie commented.

Looking ahead, Willie Nelson and his Family Band are set to headline the Farm Aid 2022 Music Festival on September 24 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The event will also feature performances by renowned artists like John Mellencamp, Margo Price, Chris Stapleton, and Sheryl Crow.

source: fecoya.co.uk

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