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Black couple gives birth to blonde, blue-eyed child who they call “a miracle baby”

When Angela and Ben Ihegboro, a couple originally from Nigeria who now reside in London, gave birth to their third child, a baby girl who they called Nmachi, in 2010, they were taken aback by an amazing surprise. Both of the child’s parents are from Nigeria, and both of the couple’s prior children have characteristics that are typical of Africans.

Nmachi was born with golden-brown hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, much to the surprise of her parents. Even though they were astonished, the pair disregarded any questions regarding her parentage. Ben, a customer advisor, asserted without hesitation that Angela had been faithful, and that even if she hadn’t been, the kid wouldn’t resemble Nmachi even if she had been unfaithful.

Angela and Ben were perplexed by the obvious dissimilarity in appearance between Nmachi and their other children and referred to her as a “miracle baby.” Genetic specialists have forward three different hypotheses as possible causes. One of the hypotheses proposed a one-of-a-kind genetic mutation in Nmachi, which, if it were to be passed on to her offspring, would cause them to share her appearance.


A second hypothesis proposed that white genes that had lain dormant in Angela and Ben’s family tree might have become active after several generations. The possibility that the parents harbor dormant Caucasian DNA as a result of an interracial relationship somewhere in their family tree was brought up by medical professionals.

The third possibility that Nmachi’s parents contemplated was the chance that she has a modified form of the genetic condition that causes albinism. Ben, on the other hand, exhibited skepticism and expressed that she did not resemble any of the albino youngsters that he had observed in Nigeria.

In July 2010, a Nigerian couple, Ben and Angela Ihegboro gave birth to a blue-eyed, blond-haired white baby, Nmanchi (not an albino), in a London hospital that surprised all experts, as neither Ben nor his wife, Angela, had any mixed-race family history. pic.twitter.com/xWKGaQM2o4

Angela and Ben made it clear that their love for Nmachi was the most important thing to them, despite the fact that the genetic puzzle remained unsolved. The family adored her and celebrated her one-of-a-kind qualities as well as the happiness she brought into their lives.

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