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Mother-In-Law Makes Bride Cry by Wearing Snow-White Dress to Her Wedding, Gets Humiliated in Front of Guests

After her mother-in-law showed up inappropriately dressed for her wedding, one woman’s friend took it upon herself to save the day. However, the woman’s mother-in-law’s family now dislikes her friend.

A woman took to Reddit to share the story of her best friend’s wedding, which her friend’s mother tried to ruin. The final act of defiance was one that the bride could not forgive, and her friend knew just how to deal with it.

The bride had always told her friend stories about her mother-in-law, saying she was sure the older woman secretly hated her. She had been with her soon-to-be-husband for six years, and her mother-in-law had acted strangely the entire time.


Every time the bride went to a family function, she would return to her friend with stories of how strangely her partner’s mother treated her, but because she was a reserved and sweet person, she ignored all of the slights. Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come.

How Did the Bride’s Mother-In-Law Treat Her?

The bride was a vegetarian and Jewish, while her husband was not. Once, when invited to Christmas dinner at her husband’s house, she carried her own vegetarian casserole and aimed to eat only sides.

However, when she arrived at his house, she found that her mother-in-law had prepared every dish with meat after her husband told his mother to remember that she did not eat meat.
Although there was nothing to eat, the bride stuck to water and her vegetarian casserole as everyone ate dinner. Her mother-in-law then lamented that she was rude for not eating any food she had prepared.

Incidences like these took place throughout the couple’s relationship and up until their wedding. When it came time for the couple to exchange vows, the man’s mother finally lost the game she had been playing for years.

What Happened at the Wedding?

Because the bride was Jewish, she asked her husband if they could get married under the traditional Jewish Hoopa. Her husband told her he didn’t care what they married under and told her to find a Hoopa to rent for the wedding.

When the bride’s mother-in-law found out that the canopy was a traditional Jewish wedding item, she was devastated and yelled:
“If the [Jews] were being represented, so would the [Catholics.]”

The incident occurred at the bridal shower, with many confused faces because the groom’s family was not Catholic. However, the bride and groom discussed it and decided they would have a Hoopa and no Catholic priest.

After that, the bride did not hear from her mother-in-law for a while. Rather than putting her mind at ease, this worried her even further. She phoned her friend the night before her wedding and said she felt terrible.

The bride’s friend tried to put her mind at ease, telling her she only felt that way because it was a big day and it was natural to have nerves. The bride’s friend did not know how wrong she was.

While the bride and her bridesmaids were getting their hair and makeup done, the bride mused that she hadn’t seen her mother-in-law all day and that the older woman had missed her hair and makeup appointment.

Half an hour later, after the bride’s hair and makeup were done and she was slipping into her wedding dress, her mother-in-law finally showed up wearing a wedding dress. The dress was white with a beaded sweetheart neckline and lace at the bottom where the train was.

As soon as the bride saw the woman, she burst out crying. After aunts and friends moved the mother-in-law out of the room, the bride’s makeup was touched up, and her friend promised her that her mother-in-law would not be seen in any of the photos.

The couple only served white wine and champagne at their reception, but the bride’s friend went downstairs to the bar early and asked if she could have a bottle of red wine. She had something up her sleeve for the bride’s mother-in-law.

The bride’s friend opened the bottle of red wine and had a few sips for courage before putting her phone in front of her face like she was texting. She then walked into the bride’s mother-in-law and spilled the wine all over her dress as if by accident. She shared:

“The look on her face was murderous. She screamed, yelled, threatened, and promised she would sue me. People had to hold her back because she wanted to fight me.”
After yelling at the bride’s friend, the mother-in-law sank to the ground, sobbing. However, nobody stayed to comfort her; instead, everyone left her in a heap on the floor to go and take photos.

Eventually, she left the venue to go home and change, which resulted in her not being included in any of the photos. At the reception, many of the mother-in-law’s family members stared at the bride’s friend and made rude remarks, but the friend did not regret her actions and enjoyed her night regardless.

Since then, the bride and her husband cut off contact with his mother and have lived happily. The bride’s friend, who posted the story, thanked everyone for their comments and support on the post. The post amassed many comments, some commending the friend and others condemning the mother-in-law.

Unfortunately, other women wearing white on someone else’s wedding day is not an uncommon thing. In fact, one woman saw many guests wearing white on her wedding day. You can read the full story here.

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