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There are several reasons why people hate Amber Heard:

1. Legal Disputes with Johnny Depp: Amber Heard’s highly publicized legal battles with Johnny Depp have garnered significant attention and media coverage. Some people believe her allegations of domestic abuse against Depp, while others support Depp and believe he was treated unfairly. The contentious nature of these legal disputes has contributed to polarized opinions about Heard.

2. Accusations of Manipulation: Some individuals accuse Amber Heard of manipulating the legal system and public opinion in her favor. They claim that she used allegations of abuse strategically during the divorce and subsequent legal battles.

3. Inconsistencies in Statements: Critics have pointed to perceived inconsistencies in Amber Heard’s statements and evidence during the legal proceedings, which have raised questions about her credibility for some people.

4. Social Media Backlash: Heard has faced backlash on social media platforms, with some users expressing negative opinions and making derogatory comments about her.


5. Public Image: Like many celebrities, public figures can receive both positive and negative attention in the media. Heard’s high-profile legal battles and public statements have contributed to the formation of both positive and negative perceptions of her.

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