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Mom finds out she’s pregnant, and then a few weeks later…

A woman was overjoyed when she learned she was pregnant.

But a few weeks later, she started getting cramps and thought she might be losing the baby.

The doctor told her she was expecting not just one child, but three. This shocked her.


It can be hard to handle all the responsibilities that come with being a parent. But having twins is a whole different level of parenting. People who care for triplets need a lot of help, encouragement, and affirmation.

Deanna Fletcher and Antonio Livingston, her husband, had been planning to have a child. Once they found out they were expecting, they were thrilled. They couldn’t wait to be parents.

They were ready to have a child since it was their first baby together. They got everything they wanted and more.

Two babies and one sac were seen on Fletcher’s first scan. At that point, it was clear that there was only one sac and one baby in her belly because it was an early screen.

Fletcher was worried that something was wrong as the weeks went by. She was in a lot of pain all the time, and one day she did something crazy: she ran to the emergency room to make sure everything was okay.

“I was in a lot of pain at work.” “I went to the emergency room to get another ultrasound because I thought I was having a miscarriage,” she said.

She Became Pregnant Twice in One Week

Doctors performed another ultrasound on her, and it was then that they discovered she wasn’t only pregnant with one baby but three. However, it wasn’t a case of the ultrasound not detecting the two other babies because they were hiding.

They needed to prepare themselves for what was to come, and they did.

Fletcher experienced superfetation, which occurs when a woman gets pregnant twice in one week. She was first pregnant with a singleton until she became pregnant again with twins.

Explaining the situation, Fletcher said that she ovulated twice, at two different times. Given the unique situation, doctors warned the mother that it could happen again in the future.

Initially, the thought of raising triplets overwhelmed Fletcher and her husband. They had to overcome their shock, and it was a lot to take in at the time.

After all, that meant three times the baby gear, the clothing, and the expenses. They needed to prepare themselves for what was to come, and they did.

Life With Four Kids

Fletcher gave birth to her triplets at 32 weeks. She and her husband named their children Amani, Amber, and Dream.

Shortly after, they also welcomed a son, Antonio Junior, whom they call A.J. While it seems overwhelming to be raising four children together, the parents admit that their kids have made it easier for them as they are all good babies.

“Honestly our children, they make it so easy on us being new parents. They’re so well-behaved.”

Admittedly, raising toddlers has been a rollercoaster ride, especially now that they’re all running around. While they have their active sides, which is typical for kids their age, they generally don’t cause their parents any issues.

With three 2-year-olds and an 11-year-old boy, the couple has their hands full. However, there’s nothing they’d ever change about their beautiful lives together, which they share with the world through Instagram.

Fletcher’s extraordinary experience has paved the way for a beautiful life with her husband and their children. They love the life they live, and it’s filled with endless laughter and smiles now that their triplets are communicating with them more and showing their personalities.

Given the tripled responsibility, raising triplets can be pretty daunting for some people. In a heartbreaking story, a woman gave birth to triplets only to find out her partner abandoned her upon hearing the news.

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