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Peaches, severely neglected dog taken in by North Carolina shelter, has died — rest in peace

A heartbreaking update to a story we reported on last week: Peaches, the abused, neglected dog taken in by a North Carolina shelter, has passed away.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue shared the update earlier today. “Devastated doesn’t even begin to describe our grief,” they wrote on Facebook, saying that Peaches died in her sleep last night.

“Her veterinary team did everything they could, but her body just couldn’t hold on,” they wrote. “We know your grief will be as heavy as ours, we all wanted her to live and have the life she deserved.”

Peaches broke hearts across the country earlier this month as her story went viral. The shelter first shared the four-month-old pup’s story on November 6, writing that they were “shocked and gutted” by the case.


According to FOX Carolina, Peaches was rescued from a neglectful and abusive situation. When she arrived at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, she was suffering from infected skin and missing fur.

“She has been neglected her entire life,” the shelter wrote. “4 months of no love. No clean or soft blankets, no vet care, no regular food. Poor husbandry is to blame.”

They did everything they could to give Peaches a second chance, but it was an uphill battle: the poor dog suffered from a number of medical conditions including mild hypothermia, a mild cough, Demodex mange and Coccidia, a staph infection, mild anemia, and an elevated white blood cell count.

She was placed in a foster home. The shelter asked people to send “healing words of encouragement” to Peaches, and hundreds of people responded with kind words.

But despite all the love and care she received in her final days, the toll of neglect was just too much to overcome. While Peaches is gone, she will never be forgotten.

“We eased her pain, showed her love, and in return, she showed us love back,” Brother Wolf Animal Rescue wrote today. “She showed us tiny glimmers of what could have been, playing with a toy, giving kisses, and showing us her goofy personality.”

“Rest well, Peaches, we will never forget you.”

What a heartbreaking update — rest in peace, sweet Peaches. Thank you to everyone who tried to save her and made her last days full of love, after suffering from so much neglect. 💔🌈

Please share this story in memory of Peaches.

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