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Woman Keeps Finding Long Hair Strands in Bathroom despite Bald Husband & Her Pixie Cut, Decides to Come Home Earlier

While cleaning the bathroom, a woman found long hair strands on the walls, making her suspicious about her husband.

She knew the hair didn’t belong to her or her husband because she had short hair while her man was bald.

In hopes of finding out the truth, the woman returned home early from work one day, unaware that the truth about her hair wasn’t what she was expecting…


A 29-year-old woman opened up on Reddit about finding someone else’s hair in her bathroom. She noticed the strands were long, which meant they didn’t belong to her or her husband.

The woman explained she had a pixie cut while her husband did not have hair. Upon finding the long strands on her bathroom walls, the woman knew they were someone else’s but didn’t confront her husband immediately.

“There seems to be a pattern that there’s hairs appearing when I’m either at work or out for a longer time period,” the woman revealed in her Reddit post. Finding hair in her bathroom regularly made the woman think something was wrong.

Instead of accusing her husband of cheating on her with a long-haired woman, the Redditor just asked him about those hair strands. Little did she know that his response would only make her more suspicious.

What Did the Woman Do after Talking to Her Husband?

When the woman asked her husband about the hair, he casually replied he had no idea about it, making her more curious. She believed her husband should have been surprised, but he just shrugged it off and said nothing about the hair strands.

A few days later, the woman found similar long hair strands in her bathroom again, so she told her husband about it. Once again, he dismissed her suspicions and said he was as surprised as she was.

Feeling paranoid, the woman decided to find out the truth herself. She knew one way was to install a hidden camera to find out what her husband was up to, but she dismissed the idea because it meant breaking her husband’s trust.

As a result, the woman thought it would be better to return home from work early one day without informing her husband. She believed that would be the best way to discover what was happening behind her back.

What Happened When the Woman Returned Home Early?

When the woman returned home, she expected to see another car parked outside her house but was surprised to see none. Instead, an unfamiliar pair of shoes sitting by the doorstep welcomed her as she walked inside her house.

What was more shocking was that they were men’s shoes. Confused, she stood beside the door, thinking whether she should sneak inside or let her husband know she was home.

But as she stood there planning her next move, her husband appeared holding two cups of tea. She smiled at him and decided to play along. She explained:

“I asked my husband how he could have known I was coming home early to make me tea?”

While the woman thought her husband would hide the truth about the stranger in their house, he finally confessed and confirmed the unknown person was not a woman. It was one of his friends, Dave, who had recently lost his job and had no place to live.

The woman’s husband allowed Dave to use their bathroom before job interviews and lent him his clothes. What explained the presence of long hair strands in their bathroom was that Dave had long hair and a beard.

Confused, the woman asked her husband why he hid everything. The man replied he feared she wouldn’t allow Dave to enter their house. Moreover, Dave was embarrassed about his situation and didn’t want people to know he was couch-surfing. The woman recalled:

“I told him this whole thing was ridiculous and even suggested his friend live with us until he’s back on his feet.”

When other Reddit users read the woman’s post, they shared their opinions in the comments section. Many people thought it was strange that the man hid his friend’s visits from his wife. One user said:

“That’s weird as hell to keep as a secret.”

Another Redditor said, “Imagine using a bathroom secretly and then just … not cleaning out your hair?!?!?!?!? That’s rude even when you have full rights and access to a bathroom, lol.”

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