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Before 50 plastic surgeries, the girl with the face “like” Angelina Jolie used to be this beautiful

Too much of anything is not good, and perhaps, for Sahar Tabar, plastic surgery has become a double-edged sword that kills her beauty once.

Sahar Tabar, a 19-year-old Iranian girl recently became famous after undergoing more than 50 plastic surgeries and losing dozens of pounds to look like Angelina Jolie. However, it is not understood that due to poor medical skills or plastic surgery, Tabar’s beauty has been deformed to an unbelievable level.

Many people have compared Tabar to the house-elf Dobby or the character of the ghost bride in director Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” because of her disfigured face and lifeless skinny figure.


The shriveled face plus the unnaturally raised nose tip makes Sahar Tabar look exactly like…

Tim Burton’s Ghost Bride…

Or the house elf Dobby from the Harry Potter movies.

But not many people know that, before undergoing plastic surgery, Sahar Tabar was once very beautiful in her own way.

In many photo angles, Tabar has a relatively perfect beauty when imbued with the beauty of Central Asian women.

She even dared to confidently wear this lovely mushroom hairstyle without fear of being “submerged” at all.

Tabar’s appearance gradually changed, becoming… more angular after the first plastic surgery.

She is still excited to show off the results of her nose job online.

Abuse of plastic surgery gradually makes Tabar’s face deformed…

And in the end, even those charming cheek piercings could not save the beauty of Sahar Tabar.

Perhaps no one can recognize that the young, beautiful girl who used to look like a CGI product of James Wan’s horror movies today.

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