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Kylie Jenner radically changed her image – fans are delighted.

Sometimes it is impossible to distinguish the Kardashian-Jenner sisters from each other, and bold experiments with appearance are not their strong point. The exception to the rule is Kylie, who periodically shocks fans by changing her hair color. The star was painted ashy, purple, blue, and lightened the ends, roots, and also some strands. The experiments ended when the girl became a mother for the first time, and therefore fans did not immediately believe that she decided to change her hairstyle again.

The day before, the girl published the traditional portion of selfies, in which she showed off her new hair color. “Pink, Kylie, that’s the color I loved you in the most,” one fan wrote in the comments. “She’s back, yay,” another added. And the old people remembered the period when Kylie went to parties and supported the image of a Tumblr girl. Followers then called the star King Kylie, and it seems that the fan club will start using this nickname again.


There were, of course, those who linked the change in hairstyle with Kylie’s breakup with Timothée Chalamet. To be honest, there is no reason to worry: they say that the actor recently moved into his beloved’s luxurious mansion.

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