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Aussie woman, 80, cops three ‘nasty’ bites freeing puppy from python

An 80-year-old woman has been hailed a “deadset legend” for saving her puppy from the coils of a carpet python.

Both animals were reasonably unharmed by their battle, but the old snake wrangler received three bites for her efforts.

The noises of her dog “screaming” on Tuesday evening prompted the Lennox Head resident to investigate what was happening in her property.

She found the python “coiled completely around her pup” with numerous snake bite wounds on its chin.’Amazing’ woman rescues puppy and searches out snake.


The woman acted fast to liberate her puppy, but was “bitten three times” by the python while separating the animals.

After the snake slithered away, finding refuge in her next-door neighbor’s yard, the determined woman tracked it down and transferred it to a nearby shrub, hoping it would not trouble her dogs again.

“My mum is bloody amazing,” her daughter commented online, posting a photo of her standing in her driveway, holding the snake by its tail and investigating a bite on her arm.

“Mum got bitten three times getting the snake off her pup” .

The woman, 80, who got three ‘nasty’ snake bites stands in her Lennox Head driveway holding the tail of the carpet python.
Australians rallied online, praising the brave woman’s actions.

“They don’t make them like that anymore; such a tough old bird with a wonderful heart. I hope her puppy isn’t too traumatized,” one woman commented, while others complimented her as “gutsy” and a “trooper.”

Others urged her to go to the hospital to ensure the bites did not become infected after her daughter confirmed that they had gone to the vet to check on her dog’s health.

The modest woman declined to be interviewed, and her daughter just told Yahoo News that her mother “did what she had to do”.

Carpet pythons have ‘nasty’ bites. People must have a license to handle wild snakes, and a snake catcher told Yahoo News that “technically she’d be in breach” of these wildlife protection guidelines.

He did, however, commend her fortitude and admit that her “love of her pet is always going to take over”.”I don’t recommend anyone interfering with a snake in this situation, but I understand the urgency of the moment you make that decision,” Mathew Hampton, a snake specialist, said.

“It’s one of those blurry lines where I can totally understand why someone would freak out and try to unwrap the dog… she’s done a great job, she’s pretty tough.”

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