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56-year-old Pamela Anderson admitted why she suddenly changed her image and gave up makeup.

Recently, the Baywatch star Pamela Anderson made a 180-degree turn: one of the hottest actresses of the 90s and noughties completely abandoned makeup and seductive images to the point of foul. The 56-year-old celebrity revealed her new natural image to the world in September at Paris Fashion Week, where she created a real sensation. And although the opinions of Internet users were sharply divided , Pamela did not seem to be bothered at all by the criticism

She voiced the reason for such unexpected changes in a fresh interview with The Daily Telegraph. It turns out that her recent TV project, the renovation show Pamela’s Garden of Eden, inspired the actress to show herself as she is. And not only on the screen, but also in life. “I wanted it to be real. No special lighting or other decorations. I just needed to be myself, this desire literally demanded an outlet,” Anderson admitted.

“ I felt like I had to show people who I really am. And it gave me such an incredible feeling of freedom! When I decided not to wear makeup at Fashion Week, I felt like a five-year-old girl from a small Canadian town who was lucky enough to wear a Victoria Beckham dress. <…> I looked in the mirror and said: “You’re almost 60, everything’s fine with you, just enjoy Paris and don’t play this game. ”
Pamela Anderson, actress, model
The star admitted that she did not expect the interest that her new image aroused. “This was not some special statement. And I didn’t think that anyone would pay attention to me: after all, I didn’t establish world peace, I simply refused to spend three hours a day in the makeup artist’s chair,” said the actress.


Well, to be honest, we understand the hype around Pamela’s new image very well: in the stream of photoshopped beyond recognition candid photos of Hollywood celebrities, such shots are a real rarity and literally a breath of fresh air. And the actress’s glowing smile is another proof that at any age there is nothing more beautiful than harmony with oneself.

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