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Britney Spears hit in the face in public

The 41-year-old pop queen herself is quite willing to let her hands go, but this time she was not the initiator of the skirmish, and what’s more, she didn’t even give a reason. Britney Spears just wanted to take a memorable selfie with basketball player Victor Vembanyama, whom she saw in a Las Vegas restaurant. The singer_approached the NBA star from behind and tapped_him_on_the_shoulder; the security_guard reacted instantly, hitting Britney with the back of his hand, writes TMZ. Celebrity fell to the ground, shook herself off and walked away. And the offender, recognizing her, immediately apologized: “You understand what it’s like when you’re surrounded by fans.” But this is not enough for the vulnerable Britney – she forgave only in words and filed a statement with the police.

Apparently, the poor guy won’t get off easy. The publication adds that law_enforcement_agencies_will_conduct an investigation with “criminal” status. “The incident is being taken as seriously as a heart attack,” the tabloid’s source said. On the one hand, a public scandal can only benefit the singer: how else can she get her to talk about herself before releasing her memoirs ? On the other hand, Britney, who after numerous disputes with conservatorship is focused on her mental health, only this was not enough.

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