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Selena Gomez’s friend spoke honestly for the first time about why she gave the singer her kidney

For many years, the girls were simply inseparable and stubbornly proved to fans that there is female friendship! Francia Raiza even became Selena Gomez’s donor and gave her a kidney when she needed help due to lupus. However, after a while, communication between the inseparable friends stopped, and the reason, they say, was the singer’s behavior after the operation. Despite promises to take care of her body, she continued to party and greatly upset Francia, who sacrificed her health. Rumors spread across the Internet that the latter took such a risk almost by force.

Recently, Francia gave an interview where she stood up for Selena, who was attacked by haters, and admitted that she herself literally dreamed of saving the celebrity. “I just felt it in my heart, I knew it would happen, but no one forced me. It happened out of sincere kindness,” US Weekly quotes her. But she doesn’t understand at all the hatred that both of them have been subjected to lately and tries not to even read it. Evil critics on social networks, the actress honestly says, cause her bewilderment.

By the way, Selena recently, after a long break, published several photos with Francia and touchingly congratulated her on her birthday. The friend left the post without comment, which caused unprecedented anger among the selenators.

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