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A 54-year-old lady refuses to let go of the bridal dress

A 54-year-old lady cannot bring herself to get rid of the wedding dress she wore on her wedding day! She has been wearing it every day since she got married.

A 54-year-old woman is unwilling to let go of her wedding dress.

Dawn Winfield-Hunt is a lady from England who lives in Ryde, a community on an island on the coast of England. She had a really beautiful wedding celebration in August 2019, forming a lifelong bond with her lover. Down has declined to remove her wedding gown since then, due to her intense affection for it.


The woman decided to wear the outfit she had worn to a significant occasion in her life every day for the following year, beginning with a challenge.

Down created a dedicated Facebook page called “The Life of a Wedding Dress” to promote her bet globally. She desires to study the duration of princess dresses worn during weddings and, in some manner, dispel the notion that this attire is only worn once in a lifetime.

“I helped her look beautiful on August 3rd, but I didn’t want to end there. I convinced her to wear me repeatedly in the following days. This is the real tale behind a wedding dress.

Down created a kind remark on her Facebook profile that stated, “I hope you like it.”

The woman added character to the dress by included it in her daily activities. Down was observed shopping, vacuuming, and even doing laundry, even though she initially just wore it to meetings with friends or other events.

“I invited my friends to a barbecue the day after the wedding and cooked while wearing a dress.” I went paddleboarding the following day and even wore the outfit to Tesco,” Down informed
a number of English journalists who were intrigued by the story.

Down planned for the work to be completed within a week.

Dawn Winfield-Hun had initially planned for this unique experience to just last for a week, but she had a change of heart and suggested the idea of dressing up as a bride for a whole year.

Naturally, this does not suggest that he never cleans it or that he never takes it off. He sees it as a piece of clothing that he choose to wear for every event and wherever he goes to demonstrate that wedding dresses, which are expensive and need a lot of sentiment, are not easily discarded.

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