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People Opened up about Their Canceled Weddings after Learning the Truth about Other Halves

In the tales below, three brave women share the heartbreak of their canceled weddings, revealing shocking truths about their partners that changed everything. So, what exactly went wrong?

A wedding day is often dreamed of as the most beautiful day in one’s life, but for the people in this article, it turned into a moment of hard truths and tough decisions. Here they are, sharing their experiences of uncovering secrets about their partners that led to the heart-wrenching choice to cancel their weddings.

1. Five ‘Brides’ Showed up at My Wedding Ceremony

Lying on the couch after dinner, I noticed Fred pacing around, looking more nervous than usual. Our wedding was just around the corner, and his behavior had been off for a while now, especially with how secretive he’d been with his phone.


“Fred, something’s up. You’ve been on edge lately. What’s going on?” I asked, trying to figure out what was bothering him.

“Oh, it-it’s nothing; just work and stress, you know?” he replied, barely making eye contact.

I wasn’t convinced.

“Look, I know it’s more than that. You’ve been sneaking out, and you’re always on your phone.”

After a moment of hesitation, he finally opened up. “Okay, fine. There’s something I haven’t shared. I wanted a small wedding, but it’s becoming a grand affair.”

“But why didn’t you tell me this before?” I asked. “We’re supposed to plan our wedding together. You know, this woman warned me the other day—”

“Woman? What woman? What did she look like?” he asked, suddenly anxious.

“Forget her. I only care about you. I had no clue you wanted a more intimate ceremony.”

“I didn’t say anything because I thought you wanted it to be grand, and I didn’t want to disappoint you. I love you, Julia,” Fred confessed, and his words immediately erased my concerns.

“It’s fine. We’ll discuss it with my father and find a middle ground,” I replied, trying to reassure him.

Then, I remembered something else. “What about those secret outings, huh?” I asked. “Fred, you better not lie!”

He smiled. “I’m preparing surprises for the wedding day. I promise it’s nothing bad,” he reassured me, and I believed him.

We resolved our issues and refocused on the wedding, although Fred still seemed uneasy about the grandeur of the event.

On the wedding day, I stood at the chapel entrance, feeling nervous and excited. The place looked enchanting, filled with flowers and yellow balloons, a perfect setting for our love story. Guests in colorful outfits were eagerly waiting inside.

Fred was already at the altar when I made my entrance, looking a bit anxious but trying to hide it.

As I walked down the aisle, my heart was full of joy. The ceremony began, and when the minister asked Fred if he took me as his wife, he immediately said, “I do.” Then came my turn, and I eagerly said, “Yes-yes, I do,” too excited to wait for the minister to finish his question.

The moment was almost perfect until a woman in a wedding dress identical to mine burst into the chapel, yelling, “Gotcha!” and pointing at Fred. My father was the first to react, his anger evident.

“Who are you?” he demanded, confused. But the woman, Lily, ignored him, walking straight toward the altar. I was confused, and Fred seemed to struggle to keep his composure.

Then, four more women entered, each claiming a relationship with Fred. Margaret said she was his fiancée, Vivian claimed to have been with him for five years, Louise said they were engaged and trying for a child, and Jae-Hwa, a Korean influencer, accused Fred of using her for money and influence.

“It’s all lies, Julia,” Fred whispered repeatedly, but the chaos only grew. Everyone at the chapel was shocked, and people started whispering things about him. Finally, Fred called the security.

As security started escorting the women out, I recognized Margaret as the woman who had warned me earlier. Despite my frustration, I couldn’t help but defend Fred, convinced of his love for me.

But my father made a bold decision. “Stop! I want to hear their story,” he said to the women. A huge gasp rang out in the gathering.

“Dad!” I exclaimed in shock, unable to believe what was happening. “You can’t be serious! You can’t ruin my wedding day!”

“The day is already ruined, and it’s better to postpone this wedding than watch you make a lifelong mistake,” my father replied thoughtfully.

As the women shared their stories, my heart sank.

“Fred doesn’t love anyone but himself. He’s using my money, even his social media is managed by someone else,” Lily revealed. “More than half of his earnings go back to the social media manager. He doesn’t take most pictures, and his trips are more for pleasure than work—that’s how he managed to date five women at the same time! None of us thought we’d ever see this day, so we didn’t keep proof of his messages.”

Then, she looked at me. “Julia, I’m sure there are times when you’ve had to give him huge amounts of money and—”

“He paid me back,” I said, defending Fred.

“Every time? Did he pay back every time?”

I couldn’t respond to that.

“Julia, don’t listen to her. Just because I’m struggling now doesn’t mean—” Fred started, but Lily cut him off.

“He travels a lot as a travel influencer; you barely spend time together. He’s often unreachable, right?”

“Internet connections are sometimes unavailable!” Fred said defensively, but my trust in him started wavering.

“Julia, trust me. I’ve spent six years with Fred. When I ran out of money, he left me,” Lily said. “All he wants is your money.”

Margaret and Vivian also shared their experiences with him, exposing his extravagant tastes and manipulative behavior.

Fred just kept asking me to trust him, but I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, my father, who was silent all this while, spoke up.

“I know a private investigator. In an hour, I can have all the information we need about Fred. All of you will also be investigated,” he told Lily, Vivian, Louise, Margaret, and Jae-Hwa. Then he asked Fred for his phone and social media passwords, but Fred refused.

“You’re going to invade my privacy for five women who have no idea what they’re talking about? Julia, am I marrying you or your father? Will you let him control your life?”

“If you love me, Fred, clear these doubts!” I found myself saying. “Show me the truth!”

Enough was enough. I loved Fred, but I was no fool. And you know what he did?

“I refuse to prove anything!” he declared coldly. “If you don’t want to marry me, fine.”

He undid his tie, throwing it to the ground.

I felt my world crumbling as he walked away, ignoring my pleas to stop.

Then, the unexpected happened. As he was about to exit the chapel, police officers appeared, ready to arrest him. My father had suspected Fred’s wrongdoings, acted on his instincts, and called the cops.

“I refuse to believe that a man as wicked as you has done nothing wrong. With a little probe here and there, I’m sure they’ll find something,” he told Fred before turning to look at me.

I could see the sadness in his eyes. Watching your daughter’s wedding getting called off at the altar is not easy for any parent.

As Fred was taken away, I was left in tears, but Lily and the other women offered their support. My father assured me I’d find someone better. I hugged him and let my tears flow freely. I had people around me who loved me, and I was strong enough to get through this.

2. It Was about My Virginity

As I stood in front of the floor-length mirror, my heart was filled with nervousness and excitement. I was about to marry Victor, the man who won my heart, even though his temper worried me at times.

Suddenly, Victor came into the room, breaking the rule that the groom shouldn’t see the bride before the ceremony.

“Jane,” he whispered with a look that sent shivers down my spine, “You look ravishing.”

“Victor, you’re not supposed to be here!” I said. “You know it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, my love. Now close your eyes and go!”

But Victor wasn’t deterred. “Jane, I can’t wait. I want you now,” he said.

His advance unsettled me, especially since we had agreed to wait until our wedding night for intimacy.

“What’s the big deal, love?” he coaxed, his breath warm against my neck.

My stomach turned.

“Darling, we’ve waited so long. We can wait until the ceremony is over. And I don’t want to ruin my hair and makeup, not to mention the dress. We won’t have time to sort things out.”

“Stop it, Jane,” he hissed. “Don’t push me away. This is what I want. I know it’s your first time, but don’t worry, I’ll make it special…”

I kept pushing him away, but he wouldn’t stop. In the moment, I found myself saying, “Victor, you’re not my first.”

Victor froze, his eyes red with anger. “What did you say?” he barked. “You’re not a virgin? How could you make me believe you were a pure woman worthy of marrying me — a powerful businessman? You are disgusting, Jane. You are damaged goods that have been used and thrown aside.”

I pleaded with him, retorting that I had never lied about it, just that it hadn’t come up before. That was the truth — Victor had assumed that I was the delicate flower my parents had presented me to be. And I knew that it was what his family wanted, too. So, I let myself become a sweet little bakery owner while Victor controlled businesses.

Victor grabbed my arm and dragged me out onto the balcony, where the guests were having their welcome drinks on the lawns down below. “There is no wedding!” he bellowed for the crowd to hear. “My fiancée, Jane, had us all believe that she was a pure woman! But that’s a lie! She’s been with other men, and I refuse to marry a castaway toy.”

“Stop, please,” I pleaded in his ear. “Our parents will never look at us the same!”

“I don’t care,” he said, releasing me.

The humiliation was unbearable. I fell to the ground, hiding myself behind a pillar. I watched as Victor ran down the stairs to the crowd below. I saw him taking a bottle of whiskey from the bartender and running off — Kira trailing his steps.

She would sleep with Victor before the end of the day. I was sure of it. Kira had made it clear that she wanted Victor for herself.

It felt like my life was over. My parents didn’t even bother to check on me. It was obvious they were ashamed of me.

Retreating to a bench inside, I was lost in my misery until Marcus, one of the bartenders, approached with a kind word. I poured my heart out to him, sharing my entire story, including the painful parts about my past with my first love, Jake, and how I had hoped Victor was different.

“Don’t waste your time feeling horrible for living your life,” Marcus told me. “He couldn’t understand it because he’s not the right person for you. We all have pasts. And I can tell you, that groom of yours is anything but a virgin himself.”

I chuckled through my tears.

“Come, I know that you’ve been booked into the honeymoon suite of this villa — I was given the duty of arranging the champagne for your room. Let’s go and order everything off the menu! Let’s teach that groom of yours a lesson. And, let’s give you a part of this day that you can still have.”

I reluctantly allowed myself to follow Marcus. I had nothing else to lose now.

We went to the honeymoon suite, where my clothing had already been hung in the closet, my shoes neatly lined against the wall. Marcus ordered every expensive meal on the menu and kicked off his shoes. He made me laugh more than I had since my wedding planning began. He had a sparkle in his eyes that reminded me of being with someone I loved.

After dinner and a pillow fight, I reached out and kissed Marcus. But I immediately felt it was wrong.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have done that,” I said, turning away.

“No, don’t be sorry. I’m glad you did,” Marcus said, holding me in place.

“I won’t use you to mask my pain,” I told him. “I cannot do that to someone who has made me feel more like myself in the past few hours than Victor has made me feel in months.”

I told myself I would ask Marcus to leave, take a long bath, and wallow in her misery. But then, Marcus called me ‘exquisite’ and kissed me along my neck, and I again fell into his arms.

But the next morning brought a harsh reality. Marcus was gone, and Victor returned.

“Well, looks like you’ve made yourself at home,” he said. I was still in bed.

“Come on. Get dressed,” he continued. “We’re having an impromptu drink with the guests. Most of them were staying here, so I sent word that yesterday was a mistake. I will marry you after all. I don’t want to. I don’t even want to look at you. But I’d look like such a saint, taking you back.”

I didn’t have a choice. I thought of the magical night I had spent with Marcus — him teaching me how to love my body and myself, enjoying every moment.

But Marcus had left me. And Victor was here, giving me a second chance at an easier life — a married woman’s life rather than a shunned one. So, I did as I was told.

I couldn’t see either of our parents at the cocktail party. But I did see that Kira was stuck to Victor’s side. She was the shadow of him that she always wanted to be. And I knew that he had spent the night with her.

One more day, I thought, and I would be the mousy wife, and Kira, among others, would be Victor’s mistress. I was sure that would happen. But then, Marcus appeared at the party, dressed in an expensive suit. “What are you doing with him?” he asked, approaching me.

I was fuming. “You left me!” I snapped. “After last night, you just left. And why are you dressed like that? Are you not a bartender?” Did he not know how helpless and scared I felt without him? How could he hurt me like that?

From the corner of my eye, I saw Victor’s jaw drop.

“You slept with the bartender?” Victor spat. “As if you couldn’t sink any lower.”

Marcus glared at Victor. “One more word and I will have you thrown out,” he said.

“You can’t do that. A bartender doesn’t have that power,” Victor laughed.

“No, but this villa belongs to my father. And I’m taking over. I was undercover as a bartender yesterday because I wanted to see how things were run from the other side,” he said confidently.

Then, he smiled at me. “I didn’t leave you, Jane,” he said. “I mean, I did. But I had every intention of coming back.”

He pulled a velvet box out of his coat pocket.

“I know you just met me, Jane. But you’re magical, and I want to know everything about you. Your past and your present. I want a future with you. So, get to know me. But please, wear this on your finger while you do so. Marry me, Jane?”

Marcus knelt in front of me and held the ring to me.

I nodded, seeing a future with a man who would love and respect me for everything I was.

I squealed when Marcus lifted me up and kissed me. At that point, I knew my fairytale was just beginning.

In the wake of their called-off weddings, these courageous women teach us a valuable lesson: sometimes, saying ‘no’ to a wedding is saying ‘yes’ to oneself. Have you ever been in such a situation?

Tell us what you think about these stories, and share them with your friends.

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