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Jen and Paul were married for 20 years, and they had went through thick and thin. They boty worked hard for their marriage. Jen was thinking that her aging was the problem.

They had two children, their son Eric, and their daughter Mary. They were both in their late teens. Even thought they were having trouble in their marriage, their children were making them happy.

After two decades of marriage, it was clear that they were not connected as they were used to. Jen was sure that her husband was chating, but she was keeping her thoughts to herself.


Once, she found a thong in their bedroom, and Sam said that it was probably belonged to their daughter. His behaviour changed as time passed, and Jen found some videos on his laptop, and again she didn’t do anything.

Their son Eric was in a relationship with Amy for a few years, and onde day, Jen found a message from Amy on her husband’s phone.

She couldn’t believe that they were both having an affair. As she was devastated, she was thinking about the situation, and what she would say to her son, Eric. Jen also found some messages on her husband’s phone about herself, which he was calling her an ugly, fat and old woman. She was devastated.

As she talked with some of her friends, she then talked with a lawyer and had gathered the necessary evidence. Then she started to think about her other moves. She was believing that telling her son about the affair would destroy him.

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