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During a storm, a boy takes shelter in a strange house and discovers a photo of himself among the owner’s belongings

Boy Hides in a Creepy House during a Thunderstorm, Finds His Photo among the Dweller’s Belongings — Story of the Day

Alex entered a creepy house to take shelter from the storm. He heard that a scary old lady lived there. But he had no choice; the vast storm raged outside. Suddenly, an old photo album caught his eye. Alex froze in surprise—there was a photo of him as a toddler!

Right on the edge of a small town, there was an old house wrapped in mystery and whispered stories. People said it was home to an old woman so elusive that some folks didn’t even think she was real.

On that gusty day, as thunder boomed like a giant’s angry growl, Alex and his friends were deep in a game of hide-and-seek. While his friends stuck close to the well-known streets, Alex, his imagination bigger than the sky, pedaled his creaky old bike towards the legendary house.


“Whoa, look at that!” his voice was lost in the rumbling storm.

The house stood before him, its windows flickering like blinking eyes. The trees bent and twisted, their branches like gnarly fingers reaching him.

A flash of lightning split the sky, and the thunder that followed made Alex jump.

“Yikes!” he yelped as his bike wobbled and he tumbled off, landing on the wet grass. Shivering from the cold, sharp rain, he scrambled to his feet.

“This is insane!” he said to himself, as he often did when alone. With the storm growing wilder, the house seemed his only refuge.

“Okay, Alex, you can do this,” he muttered, pushing his bike towards the house. “It’s just an old house, not a monster!”

He dashed inside, heart pounding like crazy. But to his surprise, the inside of the house was nothing like the spooky den he’d imagined. It was warm and inviting, with a cozy fire crackling somewhere unseen and flowers blooming in pots.

“Wow, it’s actually nice in here,” Alex whispered. The scent of vanilla and cinnamon floated around, calming him.

“Hello? Anyone home?” he called out, his voice echoing in the rooms.

He stumbled upon an old photo album on a little wooden table. He flipped it open.

“No way!” There was a photo of him as a toddler. “How is this even possible?” His mind raced.

Suddenly, a voice broke the silence. ” It looks odd, doesn’t it? That photo in my album?”

Startled, Alex spun around to see the old lady standing behind him, her face a gentle yet melancholy smile.

“Uh, I… I…” Alex stammered, taking a step back, his heart racing with fear and confusion.

“I took that photo myself, long ago,” the woman continued, her voice deep and hinting at untold stories.

Alex swallowed hard, his words tumbling in a nervous whisper, “But… how? Why?”

Before she could answer, panic overtook his curiosity.

“I… I gotta go!” he yelled out, his instincts screaming for him to escape the unsettling situation. He dashed through the door, not looking back, as the rain drenched him again.

Pedaling through the storm, his mind raced as fast as his bike.

“That was crazy, Alex! A photo? An old lady? What’s going on?” he shouted into the roaring wind, trying to make sense of the surreal encounter.

Alex, dripping wet from the storm, hurried inside his house.

“Mom! You won’t believe what happened!” he began, ready to share his wild adventure.

But his mom was still at work. Shivering, he quickly washed his hands, peeled off his soaked clothes, and wrapped himself in a soft, fluffy towel.

With a comforting warmth starting to seep back into his body, he grabbed his childhood photo album from the shelf and climbed onto the sofa, pulling his feet up under him as he flipped through the pages.

The album was a patchwork of his toddler life. But as he leafed through the pages, he noticed gaps where photos should have been.

He muttered to himself, “Where did these go?”

Just then, the front door creaked open, and his mom, Julia, stepped in, tired from her day. She paused at the sight of Alex wrapped in a towel, huddled on the sofa with the album spread out before him.

“What are you doing, honey?” she asked, closing the door and joining him on the sofa.

Alex had barely greeted his mom when he asked her, clutching the photo he had seen in the old lady’s album, “Mom, who took this photo?”

Julia sighed, sitting beside him and gently placing an arm around his shoulders.

“Your grandmother Anna took that picture when you were just a little boy.”

The words hung in the air as Alex’s mind raced. Could the mysterious lady from the creepy house possibly be his grandmother, Anna?

“Grandma Anna?” Alex’s voice trembled as the realization dawned on him, reshaping the image of the old lady in his memory.

Julia pulled the album closer, her fingers tracing the empty spots. “I took them out,” she admitted quietly.

“Seeing her face was hard, knowing she was out there somewhere, not with us. The old bike in the garage—that was a gift from her. She sent money for it right after she left.”

“Why did she leave, Mom? Didn’t she miss us?” Alex’s voice was thick with confusion.

“She always said she wanted to see the world, to do something big,” Julia murmured.

“I tried to understand; I really did. I sent her hundreds of letters, asking her to come back, telling her how much we needed her.” A bitter laugh escaped her. “All returned, unopened. Like she just erased us.”

Alex listened, his heart heavy. “But why, Mom? Why would she do that?”

“I don’t know, Alex. I wish I did,” Julia whispered, pulling her son close.

“Maybe we can bring her back,” Alex said, more to himself than to Julia, his young mind already turning over the mystery of his grandmother like a puzzle to be solved.

As they sat there, the storm outside seemed to echo the thoughts inside; Alex’s imagination was forming the beginnings of a plan.

“Tomorrow,” he thought, a determined spark in his eyes, “I’ll turn this into a real investigation. That lady in the house who scared me… I need proof.”


Alex stood at the front door of the mysterious house, raised his hand, and knocked. At first, there was no response, just the murmur of the house creaking softly under the morning breeze.

Then, a small peephole slid open, revealing a pair of eyes surrounded by wrinkles, scrutinizing him closely.

After a brief pause, the heavy bolt was drawn back, and the door creaked open. Alex’s breath hitched at the sight of the old lady.

“Hello, Alex,” she greeted him.

Alex blinked, a spark of fear flickering through him.

“How… how do you know my name?” he stammered.

“I know more about you than you might think,” she smiled mysteriously, stepping aside to let him in.

As Alex entered, the smell of freshly baked cakes wafted through the air. Despite his nerves, he felt a strange comfort being there.

“I… I didn’t even ask your name,” Alex confessed, his curiosity peaking.

“I understand what’s bothering you. You were likely to find some photos from my album. I am Anna, your grandmother, Alex,” she answered.

“Why don’t you visit us if you know where we live?” Alex wondered.

“Let’s have some tea and these cookies I made. I’ll explain everything,” Anna suggested, leading him to the quaint kitchen.


Anna took a slow sip of her tea, then looked across the table at Alex with a serious expression.

“You see, Alex, I worked hard abroad. I sent money home every month, hoping it would make life easier for you and your mom.”

“So you did try to help us?” Alex nodded, chewing his cake.

“Yes, every single month.” Anna smiled.

“But the letters I sent with the money—they never came back with any replies. After a while, I thought… maybe your mom was still angry with me for leaving. Maybe she didn’t want anything to do with me anymore.”

Alex sighed, the reality of the situation dawning on him.

“So, what did you do then?”

Anna’s eyes reflected a hint of sadness.

“When I couldn’t work anymore because of my health, I returned. I was too scared to face your mom. So, I moved into this old house,” she explained, gesturing around.

Anna’s voice softened as she continued, “Over the years, I’ve watched you grow from afar. I’ve seen you playing with your friends nearby, and I’ve even attended your school plays. Your mom often missed them because of work, but I was there, cheering you on silently, feeling proud of every step you took on that stage.”

Her eyes glistened as she added, “Being close to you, even without you knowing, comforted me. It was my way of being part of your life, even from the shadows.”

“Makes sense,” Alex murmured.

Anna reached across the table, squeezing his hand gently.

“Thank you, Grandma,” Alex said, managing a small smile. “I’m just glad I found you now.”

After a long conversation, Alex decided it was time to leave. He stood at the door, ready to step out, then paused and turned back to Anna.

“Thank you for the bicycle,” he said, “It has been my best friend over the years.”

Anna nodded, “You’re always welcome here, Alex.”

Alex believed his grandmother’s stories. Yet, a nagging thought tugged at his mind—the unanswered letters, a deliberate barrier between his mother and grandmother. Someone had been intercepting them, ensuring his grandmother’s letters never reached his mom.

Riding his bike, Alex turned directly to where he could get help solving this vital problem.


Recalling his grandmother’s tales of the letters that never reached his mother, Alex suspected foul play. He decided it was time to gather his friends and embark on a real-life mission to uncover the truth.

“Guys, we need to play secret agents,” Alex announced to his friends, who were always up for an adventure.

“Someone’s been intercepting Grandma Anna’s letters and money. I think it’s Uncle Martin.”

“Why him?” his friend Lily asked, her eyebrows raised.

Alex scowled, thinking of Uncle Martin.

“Ever noticed how he started getting fancy stuff right when Grandma’s letters stopped showing up? Plus, he’s always been a bit of a couch potato. Mom almost dragged him to the post office to get him a job.”

“Yeah, and didn’t those letters start missing around the same time?” chimed in Max, connecting the dots.

“Exactly!” Alex exclaimed, “And I’ve never liked him much. He’s lazy, always asking Mom for money until she got him that job.”

“What do you propose we do?” asked John, his eyes narrowing with curiosity.

“We should check out his house,” suggested Lily.

Everyone agreed immediately, and they began preparing for their covert operation. They planned to meet after school the following day.

Alex and his friends gathered a few necessary items—flashlights, a small camera, and gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints.

“Remember, we need to be super stealthy,” Alex instructed, as they reviewed their plan one last time.

“We can’t let anyone see us, especially the neighbors. They’re always snooping around.”

Nods of agreement circled among the friends. They knew the risks but were driven by the need to uncover the truth.


In the late afternoon, when they knew Uncle Martin would be at work, Alex led his team to his house. With a boost from Max, Alex managed to pry open a window that was left slightly ajar, and they all slipped inside.

The house was quiet. They tiptoed towards Martin’s home office, where they were met with chaos—stacks of papers and old mail piled high and disorderly. It took them several minutes of rummaging through the mess before Alex’s hand finally grasped a bundle of letters hidden under a heap of old magazines.

“Guys, look at this!” he held up the letters. Each envelope bore his mother’s name, handwritten and now slightly faded. “We’ve found them. This proves he’s been lying!”

One of the letters caught his eye, and he carefully opened it.

“Dear Julia,

*I’m enclosing some money for Alex’s new clothes and other necessities. I miss you both so much and hope this helps a little. Please write back soon.

Love, Anna”

“She really tried to reach us,” tears stung Alex’s eyes as he read the heartfelt words.

They gathered all the letters and decided to take them to the local police station.


“We’re like secret agents,” Alex declared to the officer on duty,. “And we’ve uncovered a great secret.”

“These are strong evidence, kids, but I can’t accept these since they were taken without permission. You’ve done well, but I need to handle this legally,” the officer explained gently, recognizing the gravity of their discovery but bound by the law.

Disappointed, Alex and his friends left the station, unsure of their next move. Just then, Julia arrived, having been called by a neighbor who saw the kids enter Martin’s house.

Listening as Alex explained everything, Julia’s eyes filled with tears. She hugged her son tightly.

“You did the right thing, Alex. I’m proud of you,” she said, her voice choked with emotion. “I don’t care about the money Uncle Martin took. What matters is bringing Grandma Anna home.”

With that, Julia confronted Martin and reconciled with her mother. Over the next few weeks, with the truth out and old wounds beginning to heal, the family slowly reunited. Anna returned to live with Alex and Julia, filling their home with laughter and stories. When faced with his deceit, Uncle Martin sought forgiveness, which Julia and Anna cautiously offered.

Years of separation melted away as the family rebuilt their bonds, stronger and more united than before.


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