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«Such a revealing dress at 64?» When Jamie Lee Curtis appeared in public like this, everyone was disappointed

«It’s a shame! At 64 it doesn’t suit you at all!»😬Curtis showed off her body as she walked the red carpet in a low-cut dress😱🥴Her spicy look you can see in the article👇👇👇

Jamie Lee Curtis recently surprised the world by showing off her body on the red carpet in a blue dress with cutout. The dress perfectly emphasized the neckline. She completed the look with black heels.

The image of the star caused discussions among Internet users. For many loyal fans, she looks great at 64 and is even worthy of praise.


But some were unhappy with her image. For them, she is already too old to dress like that and go out in public like that.

«An example of a beautiful woman», «She wins hearts», «It’s not nice to dress like that at that age», «What a shame», Internet users wrote.

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