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Selena Gomez fans are again up in arms against Hailey Bieber: what happened.

We haven’t heard anything about the conflict between Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber for a long time. Observers happily decided that there was no drama, and fans of both girls would no longer violently attack each other. However, recently an army of selenators attacked Hayley’s page on the banned social network with renewed vigor.

The day before, a photo of a model with a rounded belly spread across the Internet, which, in fact, gave rise to further rumors about her pregnancy – and, by the way, there have been many of them since her wedding with Justin Bieber. Gomez’s fans were seriously angered by the photo and the subsequent TikTok videos. Either they still can’t accept the fact that ex-lovers Selena and Justin are happy apart, or they are simply taking out their emotions on the top model. Under the latest publications on her Instagram* there is a real riot. Some ridicule Hayley’s marriage and predict a quick divorce for her, others even assure that they will not stop bullying her, even if the information about the replenishment turns out to be true.

“Wow, just imagine, getting pregnant right before the divorce,” “She thinks a child will solve the problems? Pfft, it will only get worse,” commentators write. Some of the messages, to be honest, are terrifying: users with the singer’s image in the main profile photo are “protesting” against a possible child. The rest of the public is confident that Selena herself would hardly wish such nightmares on her supposed rival – she has tried to stop such publishing houses before.


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