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Miracle of the Nineties: The Extraordinary Journey of the McCohugh Septuplets

In the 1990s, a woman experienced the miracle of giving birth to septuplets. Let’s look at how these siblings are faring now.

When doctors reveal the news of expecting twins, it’s always a shock. The husband envisions a larger income, while the wife ponders about the impending scarcity of her already limited free time. Imagine the elation of Bobbie McCohugh when she instantly discovered she wasn’t just expecting one baby, but seven. They were part of a Baptist family.

Bobby and Kenny McCohugh spent a significant part of their lives within the confines of the Iowa court system. During weekdays, the industrious couple worked hard, dreaming of purchasing a house as soon as possible. On weekends, they were regular attendees at a Baptist church function. In January 1996, they were blessed with their daughter Mikayla.


Before Mikayla was even born, they had decided they wanted three, maybe even four children. However, the doctors informed Bobby that it might not be possible.

Bobby began taking medication and soon found herself pregnant again. The astonishing fact that there were seven embryos simultaneously was revealed during the very first ultrasound. The doctors cautioned that carrying them to term was improbable. Nevertheless, on November 17, 1997, the boys Kenny, Nathan, Brandon, and Joel, along with the girls Alexis, Natalie, and Kelsey were born.

The entire nation became aware of this extraordinary event. Congratulatory messages flooded in from compatriots, including notable celebrities. Even the former president sent his best wishes for the new additions to their family. The septuplets and their delighted parents made headlines, gracing the front pages of newspapers.

The McCohugh household was a hub of chaos. Kenny McCohugh, who manufactured kitchen furniture, also served as a deacon in a peaceful Baptist community on weekends. He couldn’t abandon his work to assist his wife with the children.

However, help arrived in the form of relatives, neighbors, and particularly, volunteers. A schedule was crafted where someone cleaned the house, someone else fed the children, and someone else took care of grocery shopping.

Generous donors contributed a 500-square-meter house and a minivan to the young family. A two-year supply of diapers and clothes awaited them, along with partially paid babysitting services. The authorities in Iowa confirmed that the children would receive a monthly stipend upon entering a public university.

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