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“The Story Of an Ugly Duckling”: A Cross-Eyed And Thin Kid Has Grown Up And Turned Into The Most Handsome Man In The World!

Tony Mahfud is a 24-year-old man who was voted as the world’s most attractive man. He was born and raised in Germany but has Syrian heritage, which gives him a unique appearance.

More than 3 million people follow Tony’s life and admire his good looks, particularly his extraordinary eyes.


Tony has achieved success as a model, but he also possesses artistic talent. He graduated from an art school and enjoys painting.

However, not everyone believes that his beauty is natural. Some accuse him of using Photoshop, especially when it comes to his eye color.

To dispel these rumors, Tony even shared a baby photo to prove that his eyes are real and not enhanced by lenses or editing.

Fans were amazed by his transformation from a thin and cross-eyed boy into a handsome man!

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